Oh you did not know there was such a thing as yoga pilates? There sure is! Now adding the Pilates to the yoga does change the sessions a bit from a traditional yoga workout. The Pilates is all about range of motion and breathing, not based on bringing mind and body together. By the addition of it to the yoga you get a more in-depth workout while you are still working on your mental calmness.

To better understand the benefits of yoga pilates we need to discuss each part separately:

* Yoga – This is a mental and physical discipline to bring you body and mind together. With yoga you are suppose to forget the outside stresses and just concentrate on your inner being while doing your yoga exercises. There are breathing exercises, various movements and poses to learn too.

* Pilates – This is physical movements and exercises to strengthen and stretch your whole body. When this is done on a routine basis the workouts can have a number of benefits for your health. Doing Pilates can improve your posture, coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. It can also improve your lung capacity. This is also good for improving joint health and your bone density too.

You can see how these two things can complement each other when incorporated into the same workout. Pilates and yoga both can be done by people of all ages. They both can help you with weight control on top of the other benefits listed.

Workouts that Combine Yoga and Pilates

More and more you can find the principles of both yoga and Pilates combined to make ayoga pilates workout. Since both work to balance the body as well as the mind they are a great pairing. Through balancing the mind and the body the spirit can also be reached to be worked on.

Yoga Pilates Conference Show RonSombilonGallery 74…

Yoga Pilates Conference Show RonSombilonGallery 74…—RON SOMBILON MEDIA ART and PHO… (Flickr.com)

Pilates makes you more aware of what your limits are physically, and helps you realize better how your body can move. You can also strengthen you core muscles too which helps to make you back and abdomen stronger. If you core is strong your health will be better along with your flexibility too.

The pilates can be incorporated throughout the yoga session or at the beginning. It is great for warming up so you are loser for the yoga. Then you simply continue on with your yoga. It does not matter which way you combine these together. They complement each other so well that they work very effectively together for your benefit.

You can find the classes for yoga pilates or if you so choose DVDs are also available for home use. If you really want to have a strong body, mind and spirit there is no better way to go than to practice these two methods combined into one workout. Leave the stress behind, give your body strength and balance, all while working on your mental strengths too. So try this type of workout today and see what it can do for you.

Yoga Pilates for Your Health