It is true that it is important for us to have healthy and glowing skin. In fact, we always ensure that our skin is protected at all times from the harsh effects of the sun by putting on sunscreen lotions and creams. In addition to that, many of us typically go to a health spa on occasion just for the purpose of insuring that our skin is in good and healthy condition.

However, have you asked yourself if what you are doing is really enough? Is applying lotions and spray enough to protect your body from the harsh elements of the sun? If you have answered yes, then I bet that you have forgotten one of the most important parts of our body that also needs protection – our eyes.

As we protect our body from the sun’s rays and as we enhance our teeth by visiting the dentist regularly, it is also essential to take care of our eyes. Why? Because as we all know, we use our eyes to see the beauty and wonders of this world; we use our eyes in our work; and basically, we use our eyes in our daily living. Without our eyes, our world will never be the same as we could not see and appreciate the beauty and wonder of our surroundings.

Since our eyes are very vulnerable, it is important to protect our eyes by using sunglasses. So, your favorite sports sunglasses or your fashionable sunglasses are really important and of great use. That is where your money is going, though you really need not to spend a few hundred dollars for a pair of sunglasses. This is because cheap sunglasses will do as long as it has UV protection indicated on it.

If you are wondering why you need a sunglasses with UV protection, the reason is that UV lights are being emitted by the sun and those lights are harmful for our skin, body and eyes. They are being reflected on water, pavement, and sand and even in snow so basically they are everywhere. In addition to that, direct exposure is dangerous too since all of them can really damaged the eyes.

The most common effect of too much exposure to the sun is the clouding of the lens of our eyes which is more commonly called cataracts. In times past, cataracts were rarely being observed on ages below seventy, however, there are many cases that even at a younger age, people develop cataracts due to too much exposure to the sun.

So, be protected by wearing sunglasses. There are many designs that will suit you. Whether it is a designer sunglasses or an ordinary one, remember to buy those that can protect you from the sun’s ray as well as those that are pleasant to your face. Choose those sunglasses that can block up to 99% to 100% of UV lights and that include both UV-A and UV-B. In addition, it is also better to choose wraparound sunglasses since it doesn’t allow the sun rays to enter to the side. Moreover, it is not true that the darker the sunglasses are the better protection it can give to you. As long as your sunglasses have UV protection, your eyes are protected. So choose the one that is flexible enough and at the same time very effective in protecting your eyes.

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