Reduce Neck Strain

Twelve health and fitness tips

Grab a Partner
Having a workout partner can help you stay accountable and also make exercising more fun.

Do it in Parts
There’s no need to exercise all at once. Instead, do a little bit in the morning, a little bit in the afternoon, and a bit at night.

Pick Activities You Like
If you don’t like exercising, find activities you enjoy. Dancing, Yoga, Walking the dog more…there are many ways to burn calories.

Try going cold turkey from electronic devices when you’ve committed to exercise. Having your phone go off in the middle of a routine can throw a wrench in your workout, and distract you from returning.

Join a Class
It doesn’t feel so much like exercise when you make it into a social activity. The structure of a class is also useful for staying committed to your goals.
Reward Yourself
When you reach your goals, reward yourself! Just don’t do it with food!

Never Veg Out
If you find yourself with idle time, or if you’re watching TV, you can always do some sit ups or stretches. Or, if you have some home exercise equipment, use it while watching a movie.

Try Something New
If you’re addicted to the gym but feeling unmotivated, try a new activity like roller skating or salsa. Spice it up!

Get off at the Wrong Stop
If you use the subway, get off at an earlier stop. Walk the remaining distance.

Walk and Munch
Don’t be sedentary while eating. Try walking while you bite!

Know Your Limits
You won’t be doing yourself any favors by pushing yourself too far too fast. Set realistic goals, and be kind to your body.

Listen to Tunes
Listen to music as you exercise. It will help you zone out and not be too focused on the strenuous task at hand.