Bella B Tummy Honey Butter is an all natural stretch mark prevention cream. With deep moisturizing properties it is an essential part of your daily pregnancy skin care routine. Not only does it prevent stretch marks it also tones and nourishes the skin.

If you have never heard about Tummy Honey Butter before then it is time you did. Along with stretch marks prevention, it also helps to fade any stretch marks you have and contains anti-itch ingredients for the itch that can accompany your growing belly.

The ingredient list shows no petroleum products are used in making this amazing product. It just has a nice buttery texture that works well to keep your skin soft and smoothly elastic to prevent stretch marks from happening. Containing all of the essential fatty acids and oils like avocado, sesame, olive, almond, and wheat germ; Vitamins D and E; cocoa butter and shea butter it is one of the best products on the market today for stretch marks.

And with no added fragrance, if you have a problem with strong smelling things because you are pregnant then have no worries, this product does not assault the senses. It is also great for those who have sensitive skin, a very gentle product. This award winning product should be on every woman’s shelf, pregnant or not. Good skin care is good skin care, after all.

You can find this product at Wal-Mart and many other retailers and online stores with prices ranging from $16 to $26. Most of these prices in this range have been calculated to include the price of shipping.

Obviously, this is not the only product out there for stretch mark prevention. So, if, for some reason you do not like this wonderful product you can just move on to the next until you find something that will suit you.

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I think, though, that once you try this hypoallergenic, all natural product, you will be just as sold as the millions of pregnant women who already use it. Safe and gentle for you and your baby, you can use this product with confidence. And like I said, although this is a product specifically on the market for pregnant women anyone with extremely dry skin can use it to soften their skin.

Stretch marks can be unsightly. The little tears in the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers that create the stretch marks when the skin stretches beyond it’s capacity and remains that way for a long time, as with a pregnancy, just requires a little attention on your part to help them heal and maybe even prevent them by treating your skin well before and during your pregnancy.

Tummy Honey Butter is just that product. Buy it, rub it in and start to feel the difference in your skin almost immediately. Luxuriate in the softness and suppleness of your skin and your spouse will not be able to resist touching you either. Keep them involved in the whole pregnancy by letting them rub your belly, not to mention your feet, as well. Use it all over your skin will feel better than it has in years.

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