Irina Wardas is the creator of the Super Simple Easy Detox 101 eBook and it’s basically a natural and holistic approach to detoxing your body and helping you lose weight. As the name suggests, it’s designed to be easy and super simple to follow so that just about anyone can do it. The claims are that you can lose weight, increase your energy and feel amazing… But is it really that simple?

Based around detoxing your body naturally using “the seasons” and super foods, the Super Simple Easy Detox 101 eBook is unique in that it offers a way to detox naturally, without any crazy supplements or dangerous pills. The idea is that you can use “super foods” to naturally detox your body and that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular.

With a primarily holistic approach, Easy Detox 101 is all about using detox super foods to naturally flush your body of toxins. There are 68 detox super foods that are recommended in the book and they are all easy to find – no weird foods that you can’t buy at the supermarket.

What’s unique about the Super Simple Easy Detox 101 eBook?

One of the reasons that this program is so popular is that it’s not about a “14 day cleanse” or a “30 day program” – it’s about being able to naturally detox your body ALL YEAR ROUND. Using the seasons, you can detox your body by simply eating the right fruits and vegetables which our body then uses to naturally detox itself.

You might be thinking that natural detox may mean using herbal detox powders and other herbal remedies – that’s not the case with the Easy Detox 101 eBook. You don’t use any supplements of any kind – herbal or otherwise. It’s all based around fruits and vegetables and other super foods that can help your body 100% naturally detox and flush out things that are bad for your body.

Most detox programs – even the natural ones – suggest taking supplements and can normally only be followed on a 14 or 30 day program. What makes Easy Detox 101 unique is that it’s about changing your entire lifestyle so that you can be detoxing and getting healthier all year long.

One of the biggest reasons that we recommend the Easy Detox 101 eBook is that it’s a system for changing your lifestyle for good – not just some fad that lasts a few weeks and then you go back to your old ways. Easy Detox 101 is really a life changing detox plan.

Easy Detox 101 eBook

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