www.NoNonsenseMealPlans.com A few weeks ago I filmed a video with your Empowered Nutrition coaches, Pat and John, to address one of the most CHALLENGING components of improving your health, increasing your metabolism and getting your best body – one with amazing abs. Eating out! Whether youre out for a business meeting, on a date, at a dinner party or at a BBQ, eating out is a part of our lives. I myself love eating out. Its easy, its quick and its fun. But is it the smartest way to go if youre really want to BLAST your fat fast? Is it possible to eat out without sabotaging your waist line and health (and wallet)? Watch this enlightening video to find out the PROs and CONs and eating out and to ensure you continue BLOW TORCHING your body fat like magic. Well let you decide after watching this 5-minute video and then check out our site www.NoNonsenseMealPlans.com

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