Stretchmarks at times, can seem like they are a lot to deal with but if you are patient and take the time needed to work on them you should have no trouble making them less of a problem for yourself.

During the summer months when you find you want to wear shorts and tank tops and the stretchmarks at your thighs and arms may show a little more you should maybe have had a little foresight during the winter months and begun your daily treatments with some sort of deep conditioner on the areas where the stretch marks are. Pamper yourself a little and use it all over to have nice soft , supple skin every where.

Deep conditioners and other lotions and oils, like cocoa butter and vitamin E oil are the things you need to buy to get the results you want. These will help the skin heal and let it get replenished with all the vitamins and minerals it need to be healthy.

Start eating a well-balanced diet of essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and E these are some of the building blocks for healthy skin. Vitamin C is another good one, so eat several servings of citrus fruits each day or find a good supplement to take that has added zinc. Zinc is essential for healing skin as well.

WE have all heard this before, drink your fill of water everyday. If you truly drink enough water you should never be thirsty. If you do feel thirsty then this already means you have some level of dehydration going on and should drink some water. The new rule for getting enough water is to calculate half of your body weight in ounces of water and drink that amount. So, if you weigh 180 pounds you would need to drink 90 ounces of water everyday.

Here is a good schedule for getting it all in. When you wake up in the morning drink an 8 ounce glass right off the bat. Then, when you decide to fix breakfast, have a sixteen ounce glass with breakfast. Now they say that you are supposed to eat five small meals throughout your day, right? OK, with your mid-morning snack, drink another sixteen ounces, so just follow this plan for the other three meals of your day and if you need to have some sort of healthy snack before bed then drink another 8 ounce glass to end your day. There, done. 96 ounces of water in the day.

If the water gets to be too much then drink some unsweetened tea to change things up a bit. I make sun tea that is very good and has some flavoring of purple acai and pomegranate, two of what they call super-fruits. It tastes awesome in the green tea and I used to be someone who had to have sweet tea. Sugar in everything. When I tried this tea it was strong enough and the flavor was infused enough throughout the tea it did not need any sugar and I found it to be very refreshing. Who knew?

My point is this, keep your skin moisturized and the rest of you hydrated and you will find the stretch marks at your trouble spots to respond to your treatment very well.

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