Stretch marks are caused by small tears that occur during the stretching of the skin in the dermis, or the layer of skin under the epidermis. Stretching of the skin can also be caused by weight training and bulking up too fast but these are not the type of stretch marks we are going to talk about for stretch mark laser treatment.

These type of stretch marks are the ones you get from pregnancy. After pregnancy you also have some saggy skin that can be treated with the use of lasers, as well.

Hoe the lasers work is, the lasers are directed to specific portions of the skin and where ever the laser touches the skin the production of collagen is stimulated, therefore, increasing the production of the collagen making the skin a lot more elastic. It also cause the connective tissue in the skin to divide which reduces the appearance of the stretch marks. It doesn’t get rid of them but they seem lighter and less noticeable.

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Laser therapy must be done properly to lessen the chance of scarring and will only cause minimal discomfort during the procedure. Most people feel a stinging sensation or a tingle on the surface of the skin. No anesthetic is needed and this is an outpatient procedure usually done right in the doctor’s office. If the stretch marks are bad enough you may need more than one treatment. Talk things over with your doctor beforehand so you know what to expect.


It was originally thought that laser treatment would only be effective on reducing the appearance of new, red stretch marks but there are now different colored lasers that work on different color skin maladies. Maladies like red and brown birthmarks, for example. So, laser therapy may just help with the appearance of older lighter stretch marks.

Seventy percent of those treated for stretch marks see some improvement, although, the majority of the improvement seen can come as late as six months, or so, after the treatment. So, patience is key.

Understand that if you are considering stretch mark laser treatment your insurance company will consider this a cosmetic procedure and they will not cover it for you. You are on your own when it comes to paying for this procedure. You can save up and prepare for it or maybe the doctor will help you out by letting you make payments to pay off what you will owe.

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