The yoga poses (also called postures) are used in practicing yoga, they are as important as the breathing and meditation is. When you are first attempting to learn how to do the poses, do not push too hard to do the various ones just let it happen naturally.

Some Classic Yoga Postures

Let’s look at some of the classic yoga poses below:

* Sukhasana is an easy, starting pose. It is used to focus attention on your breathing and body. At the same time it builds strength in lower back, open the hips and groin. To do this posture you sit with your legs crossed and hands placed on your knees. Concentrate on your breathing. Make sure your spine is straight with the sit bones pushing into the floor. Gently lower your knees. If your knees are higher than your hips sues a block or cushion to sit on. Your hips and back will have more support this way.

Now slowly breathe deeply about 5 to 10 times. On the last inhale raise your arms until they are above your head. Then exhale and slowly lower your arms. This one of the yoga poses should be repeated 5 to 7 times.

* Uttanasana II stretches the spine and legs. It lets the neck and heart rest, while relaxing the body and mind. Start by standing straight, inhaling and lifting your arms over your head. The exhale while bending at your hips, having you arms come forward and moving down all the way to the floor.

Take several breathes while you are in this position. If you want you can grab on to your ankles instead of touching the floor. Do this 3 to 5 times and on the last time hold it for about 5 to 10 breaths. To exit from the pose gradually uncurl up and make sure to lift your head up last. You will learn that there are variations of this move done too.

* Trikonasana is a posture that opens your torso, stretches your spine, improves your concentration and balance. To begin stand with your feet spread about 3 to 4 feet from each other but parallel. Then place your right foot approximately 45 degrees inside and turn the left foot approximately 90 degrees to the outside or the left. Lift arms so they are parallel to the floor. Then you need to exhale while looking to the left and down slightly at the left arm and your fingers stretched out. Make sure you left knee is in line with the left ankle.

Breathe deeply and stretch over to your left, making sure the left hip is tilted down and your right one tilted up. Stretch out as far as you can then pivot the arms, allowing the left hand to go down against your calf on the inside. You need to keep your right arm pointing up. Then you turn and look to the right hand. Take several deep breathes. Inhale while straightening up. Then exhale while lowering the arms. Place the hands on the hips and turn on the heels of your feet, making the feet face to the front. Now repeat the posture on the other side.

These are just a few examples of yoga poses to show you they are not as hard as they look. Practice them and the other ones you learn, and soon it will be easy for you to do yoga.

Some Yoga Poses