Shaving is completed routinely by almost all men, although the frequency and precision varies according to preference, mood and cultural influences. In addition, shaving is especially important for those who are working in the corporate world wherein they want to look good, presentable, and fresh at all times. However, do you think that all men feel comfortable with their shave and shaving techniques at all times? I bet not.

This is because many men don’t care that much about the quality of shaving. For some men, they are contented to whatever degree of stubble their shaver leaves behind, and other men don’t seem to care at all as long as they have their beard shaved. But improper shaving can lead to irritation of the skin and other complications. Moreover, having a really nice and relaxing shave is impossible to be achieved if men will not consider checking on their shavers and accessories. The truth is, taking the time and effort to have proper shaving gear and supplies will result in a more comfortable shave that is closer and that feels better to the touch. This will also result in less irritation to the skin. In the end, taking a little more effort can make the task of shaving less dreadful.

For that reason, below is the list of accessories men should have to have a good shave.

    1. Shaving Gear. The first thing every man should have is a great razor with good quality. There are many razor brands out there one can opt to have a disposable razor, or those with replaceable blade cartridges or even an electric shaver. But in selecting a good razor, it is recommended to choose the one with many bladed on a single cartridge especially in the manual shaver. Indeed those single blade razors are very cheap, but they will offer you only skin pain, irritation and a bad shave. So, stay away from them. Instead, invest in a razor that you can use for many years while providing the comfort and care your face needs.
    2. Shaving Brush. Although not all people are likely to use a shaving brush especially those who enjoy or are contented with the pain of dry shaving, still a shaving brush is a good shaving accessory investment. This is a tool used mostly for wet shaving to ease the pain of shaving and to have a better and cleaner shave. It is made of different materials; some handles are made of ivory or gold while others are made of plastic or wood. But the brush can be made of natural or synthetic materials. So, choose according to your taste and budget.
    3. Shaving Toiletries. Dry shaving can be painful and may irritate the skin. For that reason, many men opt to use shaving creams or soaps. However, as things are not created equal, you should use a good shaving toiletry. Though common bar soaps and bath soaps can be used for shaving, it is still recommended to opt for those especially made products for shaving since ordinary soap may contain chemicals that are harsh for the face.
    4. After Shave Lotions. After shave moisturizers are good to have as well to replenish the moisture in the skin. In addition, they prevent razor burns so, having one is very good.
    5. Kit Stand. This item is optional but is recommended since it will hold your accessories in shaving which will help you to organize your shaving things. If you are a heavy traveler, an organizing pouch to contain your shaving tools is recommended as well.

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