In a major speech today at the University of Michigan Medical School, Mitt Romney defended the health reform law he signed while governor of Massachusetts. And, he used a PowerPoint presentation to lay out a very different vision for what he would do if he becomes president, which includes reliance on more market-based competition among insurers and health care providers. See more on Romney’s speech:

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    5 Responses to “Romney Defends Mass. Health Plan: ‘Right For The People Of My State’ (Video Excerpts)”

    1. Glas45

      The old fool doesn’t know which way to to flip this time around. He is cornered and may need some psychiatric care to find himself.

    2. RebelRoss0587

      What a breath of fresh air this honest businessman is. He may not know everything about politics, but I think this country has had enough of politicians. Let’s give an successful honest businessman a try.

    3. bonncaruso

      Romney: an embarrassment to all dolphins of the world.

    4. cureloms

      so glad mitt got the chance to debunk all the media rumors.

    5. 2012Romney

      @bonncaruso How is this a flip-flop??? He STANDS BY HIS PLAN like a man. People are all begging him to denounce it. He refuses to do it.

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