6 Responses to “Rep. Weiner PWNS Megyn Kelly on Fox News over Supreme Court”

  1. PrivateWarrior1

    Did you guys noticed how loud Megyn’s mic was compared to Wiener’s? One of many Fox News’ debating tricks.

  2. Karen41872

    Actually, MEGYN KELLY ripped Weiner a new asshole! She wiped the floor with him. The little arrogant prick didn’t know what hit him! Now, he’s fighting the BATTLE OF THE BULGE! Oh, did you see his UGLY wife? She has a mouth like an alligator … and her nose dips below her lips! WHAT A DOG!!! But then, Weiner is no ADONIS himself.

  3. onstageagain

    Latest group of photos is sick. Photos taken with a camera pointing in a mirror @ himself naked. He doesn’t collects photos of women but of himself. Gazing as he looks at the camera, CREEPY. Always with his hand wrapped around his Dick. Massive insecurity .Woman don’t get off looking at naked photos of men. This is for him. Deep levels of a mental disorder here. Hes fixated on his Own Body. Grew up with teasing having a name like Weiner, Hes massively insecure. needing female approval.

  4. beginization

    I wonder if he was so mean to her because she is pregnant and of no use to him

  5. beginization

    I think Cent has lost all credubility after exposing how much he himself lies and see’s nothing wrong with Weiner sending porn to teenagers
    Where has all the morals gone, just because they are atheist they should still keep some morality.

  6. beginization

    @deeppurple28 All you explained in your message is that too you morality does not matter, you made elitist, sexism remarks so I hope your still holding on to truth ? Megan Kelley has her own show just like Shulzt or john stewert. Weiner is acting exactly like he did during the agressive press interview where he called the cnn guy a jack asse when he got too close to the truth on the lewd porn he twitted, and will resign in disgrace as a proven liar tarred and feathered

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