Principles and Types of Homeopathic Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation in the breastbone and throat coupled with chest pain and pressure in a manner similar to a heart attack. It is caused by a variety of factors including the consumption of fatty, oily and acidic food like coffee, chocolate, alcohol, tomatoes and citrus fruits as well as wearing tight-fitting clothes around the middle. Medicines may not be effective in many cases, thus, necessitating the application of homeopathic heartburn remedies.

Principles to Live By

The principles by which the practice of homeopathy is conducted are still controversial and, consequently, so are its results. But there are no disagreements from the medical community where a holistic approach to the treatment of heartburn is concerned. Both doctors and homeopathy practitioners agree that certain healthy lifestyle habits must be adopted in order to successfully treat and prevent episodes of heartburn.

The following homeopathic heartburn remedies also operate on the principle that “like cures like” such that the treatments mimic the cause and symptoms of the condition itself. The rationale is that by purging the body of its toxins, faster healing can be achieved. Furthermore, like doctors, homeopathic practitioners will start with the lowest possible dosage that will then be increased based on the patient’s response.

The result is that a more personalized approach to the treatment of heartburn can be achieved through homeopathy. You should then be able to achieve faster healing with longer-lasting results.

Of course, it is an absolute must that these homeopathic heartburn remedies must be administered by an experienced practitioner. It cannot be overemphasized that many of the substances used in homeopathy are dangerous in conventional use and in inexperienced hands. We can name arsenic as an example.

Types to Improve Quality of Life

Undoubtedly, heartburn will adversely affect your quality of life especially when it is chronic in frequency and severe in intensity. With homeopathic remedies, fortunately, you can have pain relief in a few hours that will last for a longer period of time than the medications. The best examples of these homeopathic heartburn remedies are:

• Green tea soothes the lining of the stomach that has been subjected to too much acid production. Its rich antioxidant content particularly polyphenols helpsin healing the damaged tissues in the digestive system while also providing for other health benefits like a stronger immune system.
• Ipecacuanha is especially useful in the treatment of heartburn caused by a diet rich in fatty, fried and oily food. The substance contains alkaloids that help in the prevention of the symptoms of heartburn as well as in lessening the effects of nausea, indigestion and vomiting.
• Nux Vomica also contains alkaloids useful in faster healing of the tissues. It can also lessen the symptoms of nausea, gas and bloating.
• Arsenic is infamous for being the substance of choice in murderous poisoning. But when it is used in the proper manner, arsenic can be useful in the treatment of heartburn.

Indeed, when these homeopathic heartburn remedies are used according to their proper uses, you can experience great relief from the painful symptoms of heartburn. And then you can truly take a deep breath without anything hurting in the chest area.

Homeopathic Heartburn Remedies