Prana Yoga  and The Breath Of Life

Prana is an energy that permeates all of life. It is often called the life force. It is an important concept in yoga. Yoga focuses on the breath as a form of meditation and also as a means of taking in more prana. By breathing in more and more prana, our bodies take on greater strength and vitality. Prana yoga offers many physical benefits to the body but it takes a strong mind to perform.

Prana yoga requires purification of the mind, heart, and body. It is a spiritual practice that takes a lot of practice to master. Part of the process is simply deep breathing. Breathing exercises improve oxygenation in the body. This influx of oxygen is transported throughout the body, into the cells where it nurtures them and promotes good health.

Another aspect of prana yoga is control of the breath. Controlling the breath requires a disciplined mind. Developing strong mind power pays off in different ways such as improved focus and will power.

The third aspect of prana yoga is taking in vital life force. This can be enhanced by visualizing breathing in silver white light through the crown chakra. Some experts advise to practice prana yoga slowly because taking in too much prana too soon could result in nervousness or other mental disturbances.

Prana yoga can be practiced on its own or in combination with another type of yoga. For example, it is a perfect fit with restorative yoga. While assuming a relaxing, restorative pose, you can perform the breathing exercises of prana yoga.

Prana yoga doesn’t have to be relaxing though. It can also be combined with more invigorating types of yoga like power yoga. Controlling the breath and increasing prana while performing intense poses can produce profound physical and mental effects.

In whatever form it is practiced, prana yoga is powerful and can leave you feeling invigorated. But the effects go beyond the physical. In order to fill your body with more prana, you must make way for it by removing blocks and negative emotions. It is said the state of your mind is closely linked to the amount of prana you have. If you are happy and content, then you have a lot of prana inside you. However, if you are anxious or depressed, then you are lacking in prana or essential life force.

Consciously and consistently practicing prana yoga can help build up your reserves of prana so your mental and emotional health stabilizes so you are happier overall. Prana can be directed into various parts of the body. Attention should be placed on exhaling waste matter as much as inhaling life force.

When you learn yoga, you must not only develop physical strength and learn basic physical poses, you must also learn about prana, or breath. At first you will learn how to breathe deeply and control your breaths and as you advance you will learn how to breathe in life force to increase your reserves of prana. The end result should be a happier and healthier you.

Prana Yoga and The Breath Of Life