Angel Smith is the creator of Paleo Lifestyle 4 Idiots and it’s a revolutionary program that’s designed to make following the Paleo diet easy, simple and basically… for idiots. You really can’t go wrong with this system and it’s not even really a diet – it’s more of a lifestyle change. You simply cut out processed food and everything else is a free for all!

What is the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change that’s rooted with our ancestors. A long time a go (like caveman long time ago) we didn’t eat processed foods and we didn’t have processed sugars in our diet. It’s not a coincidence that we also didn’t have cancers, diseases or other horrible illnesses. All these problems have occurred since we decided to start processing our food with chemicals and toxins that are really bad for our bodies.

The Paleo diet is all about cutting out processed foods and eating only what is natural – similar to the raw food diet only you can eat meat and fats such as oils and healthy fats. It’s one of the best ways to live your life and you can benefit from improved health, weight loss and massively increased energy – which makes it an extremely popular choice.

However, it can be quite hard to follow if you’re not sure what you’re doing. If you aren’t 100% certain about what you can and can’t eat, what you can and can’t drink and about what sort of exercise you should be doing then the Paleo Lifestyle 4 Idiots is ideal for you.


With tons of information as well as a few recipes thrown in for good measure, if you buy the Paleo Lifestyle 4 Idiots program you will never need to look at another diet program again. It’s a lifestyle change and it can be really easy – the creator of this program actually tried everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers and still couldn’t lose weight until she tried the Paleo diet.

Within weeks she’d lost 12 pounds and she kept losing weight and the best part was she wasn’t counting calories, she wasn’t burning her butt in the gym – she was simply following the Paleo diet.

At just $27 for the entire package of information it’s a real no brainer – with everything you need to live the Paleo lifestyle, we highly recommend the Paleo Lifestyle 4 Idiots program.

Paleo Lifestyle 4 Idiots Review

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