Norovirus or ‘winter vomiting’ is the most common cause of gastro-enteritis in England and Wales and affects people of all ages. It is highly infectious and the common symptoms are: – projectile vomiting, – diarrhoea, – nausea, – raised temperature, – headaches and aching limbs. Prompt action is essential and cost effective when someone vomits in a public area in order to: – Contain the infection and reduce the number of people affected. – Prevent an outbreak occurring – Reduce disruption to the operation of the business or organisation – Minimise sick leave – Prevent bad publicity One of the most effective methods is using a body fluid kit to clean up vomit/diarrhoea safely.

24 Responses to “Norovirus ‘Winter Vomiting’ Disease”

  1. Amanda Leigh

    I have norovirus right now and let me tell you, I have never heard thoes sounds come from my body ever before. Also I never thought it was possible to puke and do three other things alll at once. It’s very violent, the stabbing stomach pains is what made me feel like I was going to die. I am deffinitly a germaphobe after getting this virus.

  2. ntell2

    Yes I only vomited once and really didn’t have diarrhea that bad, the worst thing about the sickness is the terrible stomach pains like you said like being stabbed.

  3. shieva

    right my 3yr old caught it then my dad caught it.. my mom and I didnt get it all the way we just felt a little sick for one day no vomiting or diarrhea. it took 2 in a half weeks for my baby to get well.. and 1 day for my dad.

  4. brandonGCHACHU

    This virus is no joke. Caught it from my baby boy. Day one i thought i was gonna die…headache, fever, body aches, racing heart, stomach cramps and constant vomiting. Day 2 was extreme fatigue, nausea, fever and diarreah. Its now day 3 and im in a cold sweat, extremely fatigued and feel very very anxious and unwell. My baby boy is on day 5 and still has diarreah and low energy. Wash your hands folks. Dont want anyone feeling this bad

  5. Amanda Leigh

    It was the worst sickness I have ever experienced in my life! I hope your baby if in good health now, as well as the rest of your family! 😀

  6. 2009pepperonipizza

    My brother went to hospital in an ambulance because of this! I’m so terrified!!

  7. tracemckenzie2009

    Me too. My son caught the virus at a Halloween party and has swiftly passed it around all of us 🙁 VOMIT CITY

  8. Emir Houts

    Man i got this … First time . All the acide came out of my body.

  9. TheCallofConnr

    I got this today, ive had it for 3 days now and i am in so much pain 🙁

  10. anne123480

    i have thise just now i was at the hospital  cos of the pains jeeze wouldnt wish thise on my worst enemy anyone who has it also has my sympothy it sucks

  11. anne123480

    well if your doboled in two with severe pains puking up every 5 to 10 mins and running to the toilet to poop and feel you want to die then fraid thats hat you have iv been like thise for the last 2 damn days also iv got an aunt called Nora and i was teasing her today on the phone i seen her last week

  12. anne123480

    another symptom i had was a short temper i was cursing my brother out who was laughing at me puking my guts out and howling in pain

  13. ben2nd

    I am determined not to get norovirus this year…. seems unlikely that I will avoid it however…

  14. suprajazz

    Use colloidal silver or mms, then use opti bac for bowel calm and pearls probiotics

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