Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E514c is exceptionally well made with high quality parts. This compact elliptical trainer has a small footprint and a heavy duty flywheel for smooth motion. It has a full 18-inch stride and various levels of resistance. A whole range of programs will enable you to get a variety of workouts from this one machine.

Who Can Buy/Benefit this Product?

If you’re looking for a good quality elliptical trainer to get you fit and toned then you will love the Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer.

Product Description

The Nautilus has 16 levels of magnetic resistance to give you the best workout possible for your fitness level.  It comes with static and moving handlebars as well as transport wheels so the trainer can easily be moved once assembled.

Product Features

The Nautilus E514c can hold up to 300 pounds and has a large 18 inch stride. Large foot pads will ensure you stay safely on the machine. Measure your heart rate while you train with the pulse sensors on the handlebars.  An extra-large LCD screen is also featured on the E514c.

  • Smooth motion with the heavy duty flywheel weighing 17.6 pounds
  • Large 18-inch stride length
  • Monitor your heart rate as you train
  • Has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds
    • Comes with 16 magnetic resistance levels
    • Multiple workout programs for all fitness levels


What Customers Are Saying

Customers who use the Nautilus E514c rate the trainer at 4.3 out of 5 stars. They say it has very good build quality and the machine is fun to use.

“This Elliptical is exceptionally well made with very high quality parts.The machine is a joy to use. I am very pleased that I bought this.”

“This is a VERY quiet machine. Plenty of variety in courses and levels of resistance – especially for those just starting out”

“Overall, excellent value for money and works perfectly.”

Pros & Cons

The Nautilus E514c has a large number of programs to keep you on your toes entertained while you workout. Most customers are very impressed with the quality of the parts and sturdy build quality. The resistance levels allow you to continue using the machine as your fitness improves.

The manual is a little sketchy about specific details for using the machine so if you are not that computer literate there may be a small learning curve to using the control.


The Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer is a high quality machine with a large number of workout programs and resistance levels to keep you interested and enjoying your workouts. It is made with high quality parts and suits users up to 300 pounds.