Heartburn is caused when the acid from your stomach seeps into your esophagus. When some of stuff that is in the stomach, even the acid, comes back up by way of the esophageal sphincter (this is the valve that keeps the content o the stomach from backing up); acid reflux or heartburn is the resulting feeling. When this happens a very unpleasant feeling can result and is often felt between the chest and the stomach areas. A feeling of pain, discomfort and a burning sensation are the most common symptoms. Many people who experience heartburn often also have a bitter taste and an urge to belch which can cause the feeling of heartburn to intensify.

Nowadays more and more people are looking for alternative means to treat their ailments. Although medical treatment is recommended, many people want a more natural approach to curing their ailments.

Natural heartburn remedies are gaining in popularity. Natural heartburn remedies not only treat the symptoms but also enable the person who is using them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Often times by treating heartburn naturally, other ailments are also successfully treated too.

Some natural heartburn remedies are taking antacids, changing your sleeping habits and a few other natural remedies that are very effective in eliminating heartburn. Your body naturally makes stomach acid to aid with the digestion of your food; the body often produces way more stomach acid than is needed. Many would assume that by just stopping the stomach from making acid would put an end to heartburn, but that would involve taking a medication that is not natural.

Using baking soda and ginger ale, or ginger tea as an antacid to stop heartburn is very popular and effective as natural heartburn remedies. Antacids stop the production of acid. It is more effective if it is taken at least a few hours before bed if you are someone who suffers from heartburn. Because heartburn can cause more damage at night when you are laying down and stomach acid has more time to lay on the stomach; it is important to take something before going to be to protect your esophagus.

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Next on the list of natural heartburn remedies is to elevate your head while you sleep at night. By sleeping with your head and neck at an angle will help to keep your stomach acid in one location, your stomach. You can either add a few pillows under your upper back and head or you can lift you’re the upper portion of your mattress by a few inches to keep stomach acid from traveling into your esophagus while you sleep.

Many people like to drink while eating their meals. If you limit your water drinking to in between your meals you can put a stop to heartburn. This will keep the amount of your stomach insides low so heartburn won’t occur. If you like you can add papaya juice or mango juice to keep your stomach soothed since they are also natural heartburn remedies.