The “Fix” was in for Alan Grayson, after he “embarrassed” the Republicans by making the outrageous statement, they wanted Americans to just die. Appearantly, the offense was in telling the truth to Americans about who the Republicans have really become, not that he slandered them in the least. And apparently in Republican America acquiescence to the hypocrisy of America’s new fascists, is a requirement for public life, and a violation which is an unforgivable sin, and which warrants removable “by any means necessary” including not so ‘fair” elections.(Which Republicans were fully and openly voicing long before the election) To the outsider, without the blurred and distorted consciousness, extended through daily indoctrination, making use of intentional disinformation provided by a fleet of Radio Nazis, Religious-Reich seduced “Churches”, and their media tycoon co-conspirators at Fix news, it really looks like nothing more than ignorance and insanity on a political canvas… but, take the drug… and, it will all make sense. The chaos becomes order, the incompetence becomes ingenious intent, the distorted twisted picture becomes clear, …and the vision of the new Reich through the destruction of America, makes for perfect logic. Incitement to Bombing buildings and shooting people, destroying it’s industrial base, defunding it’s government, terrorizing it’s opposition, raping it’s constitution, cracking and crumbling it’s foundational 1st amendment with a wrecking ball of

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