25 Responses to “Jump Rope Cardio Workouts #5 – Fat Loss Exercises & Training”

  1. leeyoungaekoyuki

    you threw those jump ropes like they where made of steel…be careful next time hehe ^__^

  2. TheSpiritCF

    Do you have to do the push-ups that fast? I suppose that doing them slow helps to build up muscle, and this exercise is for cardio and endurance

  3. Spartanintraning1212

    holy crap that is an insane workout. Doing push ups while trying to catch your breath is extrememly difficult. however very effective. it forces you to breath correctly which helps you get in shape. Plus there’s not as much blood in the pecs so it strains them more and gives you a better workout… well done 5/5 keep the vids coming 🙂

  4. snuffah222

    Yeah, I know how it feels. I had to tie my lamp to the closet to get it out the way and be able to jump. But i can manage 🙂

  5. sweetashonneybaby

    haha your neighbors would get pissed off from all the banging all the time lol

  6. unstrungcello

    Yeah, I thought it was too, but maybe you get used to it?

  7. quixgofar

    Dude – Just go outside…. DUH!!!

    Use a yoga mat when you’re doing the push-up/sit-ups.

  8. FEEDER87

    Go to your nearest park, your driveway, whatever! Plenty of room outside, pluss: fresh air 😉

  9. ChoiChoiPower

    I’m not sure, in every video he says, it’s a killer workout.
    Should we do all like the things he says in a day, or one thing he says ?

  10. nicechickie

    I could do this easily if I had more then a sidewalk to do the sit-ups on.

  11. ninjasownpirates

    Not necessarily. Most people do push ups for strength and muscle growth, then you do them slowly because it puts stress on the muscles which causes them to rebuild themselves. But this exercise is for cardio and is HIT. The point is to get your heart pumping not necessarily stronger, but to lose weight so speed is the key in HIT.

  12. ninjasownpirates

    OR if you can combine the two, for the optimum effect but for neither strength nor cardio. What we do in wrestling for conditioning is when your pushing up you go as fast as possible to get your muscles to be faster, but on the return you go slow to strengthen them. Same thing in almost all types of body weight or other weight exercises. Fast when moving the weight against gravity and slowly while returning. But this doesn’t cause you to lose much weight, rather gain.

  13. serclfs

    Can you just jump without a jump rope and get a similar effect? I’m goona get a jump rope but I’m eager to try this workout.

  14. melovewrestling

    Man he makes it seems so effortless!!! 😀 great tutorial! thanks!

  15. Romsfan

    the sets 3 are supposed to be done without resting? cuz im almost dead after the situps on the 1st set xDD

  16. lmbeau

    same for the sit-up, but also strict form for the type that your are doing.

  17. ScorchinBeats

    the guy goes so fast. Going slow works your body better. But it’s a good routine. I’d say spend a bit more time jumping rope and a bit longer of a rest between sets.

  18. paomontenegro92

    too many thumbs up i know! its really nice from eveyone around 😀

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