25 Responses to “Jump Rope Cardio Workouts #1 – Fat Loss Exercises & Training”

  1. rockchick61

    it depends on ur current weight and hight and metabolism and stuff like that, and also ur diet.

  2. rockchick61

    he doesn’t even sound he’s struggling, and he’s going mega fast lol. does anyone know if it’s best to do this everyday or every second day? i’ve heard that u need a break every second day for ur muscles to heal but i dunno if that’s true.. oo and also would i have to eat overly healthy to lose weight while doing this or just eat a bit healthier?? ..i’m not so good at the whole will power thing..
    thanks 🙂

  3. joealtair3000

    i just started skipping within half an hour i was drenched in sweat
    very good exercise


    you look like an ex marine…I wouldn’t doubt if you were

    but does jumping rope help with speed…like overall running speed. sprinting?

  5. posterizeee

    skipping will increase your virtical jump a lot. its really good for basketball players to do. skipping everyday along with calf raises every day, your vert will increse 3 inches in 3 weeks

  6. Halobolu

    @beebobox No, actually when you loose weight, it burns it off all over the body, not is certain spots, its only takes longer to tell in certain spots of the body because there maybe more fat.

  7. BillyImlah

    It’s because it takes quite a lot of energy to push yourself into the air and if you are moving your arms as well then you body is being worked at 75-80% while you’re skipping! Totally agree with you Joe… Very good evercise

  8. desertman2008

    jump using toes. dont jump using ur heels cuz it stops the jump impact. ljump using ur toes and land with ur toes because when u land it bounces u down and back up. cheers

  9. desertman2008

    yeah cuz ur using ur toes and sprinters use their toes to sprint. 🙂

  10. mohyaghmour

    GREAT Video Man!!!
    Keep It Up The Good Work!!

    You Deserve 5 Stars *****

  11. basketball559

    there more fat in the thighs huh?
    well my thighs have been smaller ever since i started jump roping

  12. TheLadyLushious

    Dude you are so awesome! I can barely make it over 2 without fumbling, i’m a newbie…

  13. djds19

    cool, i do 1 foot jumps 5 times then switch, into double foot jumping repeatedly.. its hell. 25 2 minute rounds.

  14. ItsBeckhamBitch

    where can I get a good jump rope….the ones I’ve seen are pricey but they suck……….either they are too light weight or they break after a few uses…..

  15. ayyoMiaNicole

    i do this everyday, it has toned up my stomach majorly

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