3 Responses to “Iraq’s children suffer from a war affected health-care”

  1. usy444u

    @TheDeparted112570 there is no tomorrow it all designed acording to plan as long as Europe is under the thumb of international bankers such as Rothschild who has gripped every nation by interest and usury and use of fake paper currency we all be at war. he has the power to do whatever he likes because he can sanction you crash your economy penetrate you society with agents. introduce gold and silver currency remove interest and usury and then you maybe free from his stranglehold.

  2. TheDeparted112570

    @phooey108 barked up the wrong tree with caps…..oh i am shivering. and the Iraqi parliament speaker has about as much credibility as my dog. and you give it without saying exactly where that figure comes from. thanks i needed a good laugh.

  3. phooey108

    “Al-Nujaifi is scheduled to visit the US soon and discuss the missing Iraqi billions.He said that he received a report this week based on information from US and Iraqi auditors that the amount of money withdrawn from a fund from Iraqi oil proceeds, but unaccounted for, is much more than the $6.6bn reported missing last week.

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