Recap: Joe and NIck are both ill, but so is everyone basically, something just happened to nick. Kevins POV I ran up the stairs after I heard Nick crying and saw Nick laying on the ground covered in his own sick. The poor little boy had thrown up, missed the wastebasket, and then falled off the bed. I felt so bad for him. He was crying really hard, so I soothed him trying not to wake Joe in the process. He needed his rest. “Sh. Buddy. Kevin’s here now. Everything is alright. Calm down,” I soothed. Nick continued to cry. I couldn’t balme him though; he fell out of bed and he didn’t feel well. If I were ten and that happeded to me I would cry also. “K-kevin can I sleep in your room tonite?” Nick asked. “Well, you’re sick buddy, so I want you to stay in here with Joey alright?” I said. “Alright. Can you rub my back until I fall asleep?” Nick asked? “Sure buddy,” I said, as he climbed in bed. I began to rub his back and gently humm to him until he fell asleep. I then went back into my room after cleaning up Nicks little mess on the ground. I selpt peacefully throughout the enitre night. No disturbances…no chaos…no tears…only my dreams. It was a nice feeling…calming…peaceful. I felt like I was meditating or something. I enjoyed the time while it lasted until that time came Monday morning. My alarm harshly rung in my ear, and I reached for the snooze button. I knew I had to get up, but my body would not under any circumstances let me. “Ring…ring…ring…ring!!” My

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    11 Responses to “Injuries and Illnesses: A Jonas Family Story~Chapter 12”

    1. lalalaxx3x

      amazing ep cant wait for the next one i hope joe and lexi are alright

    2. danceXOXstar95

      OMG!!!!! what do they think is wrong with lexi?!!??!!?!??! please please plesae post more like really really soon! <33

    3. ingasferretlovesjj

      great one as always!! cant wait for the next one!! i got a cardboard cut-out of taylor lautner!!!!

    4. daisysourcream13

      Oh how i love being rite!!! the nicky/vomit.. ah… And I bet Lexi is showing signs of diabetes and Joe.. well.. maybe he has the stomach disease, idk what its called but its when u have a really sensitive stomach so u have to be caeful of what u eat or u could die of vomiting for ur life.. Not kidding it exists..!!

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