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Health and fitness

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Catch Baseballs Better

If the sun is shining and a ball is coming toward you, use your mitt to shield your eyes and
catch it.

Breathe as You Rise
When you do crunches, exhale as hard as you can upon rising. This will force your abs to
work out more.

Get New Sneaks
Put an expiration date on new shoes so you know when to replace them. The rule of thumb is
that shoes last about 500 miles, so if you know how many miles you walk/run a week, do some

Lift with Ease
Overestimate the amount you can lift by 20-30 percent. Lift it off, hold for 1-2 seconds,
and put it back, adjusting the weight to your real max. The weight will feel lighter!

Stock Up on Sweets
Spoil your sweet tooth after working out by having 20 to 30 grams with protein. The sugar
will facilitate the protein arriving at your newly exercised muscle. Don’t overdo it!

Get Killer Legs
Do both seated and standing calf raises to maximize results. This works because calves are
composed of two different forms of muscle, both of which require different positions for
optimal work out.