Its all in the Wrist

Its all in the Wrist

Health and fitness tips Its all in the Wrist

Tape it Up
If you have a bad habit of jamming your fingers, tape the problem finger to an adjacent one
while playing. Your finger will be less likely to bend at an awkward angle when it has

Track Your Progress
Measure how well you’re doing on a weekly basis. Keep a daily count of how many exercises
you’ve done throughout the day, and take note of how much you did the day before and keep
that in mind for motivation.

Make your Swings Zing
Make your golf ball fly farther by taking a couple practice swings on the opposite side.
This will help balance and strengthen your muscles and prep you for the real swing.

Jump to the Stars
Train yourself to jump higher by doing this simple exercise: Stand on the edge of an 8 inch
ledge, hop off backward with both legs, and push off the ground upon contact. Do 3 sets of
10-20 reps two times a week.

You Gotta Start Somewhere
If you’re not keen on exercising, force yourself to start with SOMETHING. The first step is
often the hardest.