OVER 100MORE examples of Fox News Bias at www.youtube.com Even Fox News recognizes the big gap between the opinions of Republicans and the opinions of Democrats when it comes to President Barack Obama’s attempt to get health care insurance reform, particularly when it comes to the “public option” or, as Fox News calls it, the “government run aspect,” but Fox News may actually have significant responsibility for this Republican opinion gap as I show in this video You can find the full text of HR 3200, the health care bill passed in the the US House of Representatives, to which I refer in this video at thomas.loc.gov The two clips of Fox News pollster Frank Luntz and his focus group feedback graphs come from Fox News’ August 19, 2009, broadcast of “America’s Newsroom” which I have not been able to find online. You can see more of MSNBC’s August 18, 2009, broadcast of “The Rachel Maddow Show” from which I took two short clips from my video on YouTube at www.youtube.com The two clips of Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson come from Fox News’ August 18, 2009, broadcast of “Fox and Friends” which I have not been able to find online. And, finally, as always, you can find DOZENS and DOZENS more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at www.youtube.com

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    19 Responses to “Government Run Health Care Is Fox News Myth?”

    1. FRSFreeStateES

      I’ll take that as a yes that you are aware of that. Even though you said by law its illegal.

    2. user696969

      wtf is the line graph? is that like a running poll or something? loooks like a 12 year old kid with down syndrome trying to draw a line.

    3. user696969

      so when all healthcare is paid for by government, what does that make the doctors? government employees basically, business 101 my friend, other than that decent video, just try not to be so biased next time and show the facts.

    4. MadHabber93

      @user696969 So does that make doctors insurance company employee’s then in the U.S.??

    5. Wanderlustus

      Like this cat’s stuff. Gets to the point, and it’s what `news’ should be about: informing, not mis-informing folks. Cheers, bud.

    6. user696969

      madhabber93, absolutely, and we all know regular private industry employees are a hell of a lot better than government employees

    7. slapadebass23

      I see one big mistake in this video at 3:55. You are assuming that a government-run health SYSTEM is the same thing as a government-run HEALTH CARE. Correction: A Government run health systerm is not the same as a government run health care. A government-run system involves the doctors, hospitals, etc, like it says 4:20, but the government run healthcare is JUST the healthcare. Not once in this video did i hear fox say “government-run health SYSTEM” So government run healtch care is very real.

    8. cisseshairdresser


      You really are a right-wingignorant idiot! You and all your racist right wing buddies make me sick. Scum.

      Become humane, become a Liberal!

    9. FRSFreeStateES

      If thats the case, then in all due respect I suggest that your under informed about people who have lost their Health Insurance because they needed it.

    10. EmperorProzen

      @FRSFreeStateES When people search for an insurance provider (a job benefit or community program) he/she signs up and has a contract which is negotiated. This stipulates the terms between customer and insurance provider. When people choose to sacrifice certain types of coverage and conditions for the sake of decreasing cost then you get whatever the provider is allowed to do. If you want to avoid this then make sure you are okay with all of the terms. Have a lawyer present, they fight for you.

    11. davijeph

      Love the idea that you have to negotiate for limited heath cover with a lawyer present. No wonder the US health care costs so much. If you have a limited income and most people even in the US do why do they have to spend so much of their income on maintaining a private insurance based system which costs god knows how many billions of $’s yet does actual supply so much as an Aspirin?

    12. FRSFreeStateES

      You’ve made this point before. But I’m telling you have been dump from their Health Insurance because they’ve gotten sick. And their Health Insurance provider thought they were too expensive.

    13. TheWazzFamily

      @demonicfork lol really? Show me a Socialized Health care system that works and doesn’t drive down availability and drive up cost.

    14. FRSFreeStateES

      Thank you I think I’m finally getting through. I thought I was speaking in Common Sense. Fine you disagree with the Affordable Care Act. You’ve made that clear but thats essentially what it is a Patients Bill of Rights. If people can pay for their Health Insurance, they should be able to keep. Thats what it is.

    15. BonerMaroner

      Karl Rove runs FOX, what a crew, twisting truth is not entertainment it is a lie.
      What an UGLY bunch of souls these fox people are, misleading good people.
      How much is enough money for the greedy ?

    16. MrJacope85

      You’re really confused. No doubt the stations are pushing a different agenda to help the establishment GOP, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong for saying “govt.ran health care”. Could they be a little more percise in their definition of what they are trying to explain, absolutely. But Fox tries (and fails) to represent the conservative community in saying that government funding is no the way to go for ANY GOOD OR SERVICE. Private sector rights. Government support for insurance is the problem

    17. Setzer

      Republicans are definitely misinformed because of Fox News. If all you watch is a network that constantly affirms your viewpoints, you’re going to end up with some pretty childish level of understanding about the world.

      On the second question, it’s a long bill and I personally have better things to do than to read it, but Republicans purposefully muddied the facts by constantly talking about how many pages it was and using words like “Government-run health care”

    18. Setzer

      Now the Republicans are trying to repeal the healthcare, and they’re still saying the same things.

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