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    25 Responses to “Fat Burning Exercises (Killer Fat Burning Workout To Help Your Burn Fat)”

    1. irishwarriors2010

      the title says “fat burning excercies”
      not how to get a fucin six-pack

    2. MasonCook28

      i watched all that expecting a workout… guess that failed huh

    3. fshfrghedht64

      this makes alot of sence bassically what hes saying is you gotta focus on diffrent mussle groups going from the upper body to lower body so you get the most out of the workouts and for each mussle group to choose one exerise for each,

    4. boxinslegend

      for starters squats is a actually a glute and hamstring dominant exercises, lunges are quad dominant.

    5. YoungAssassin69

      vince delmonte isnt even jacked lol wtf bra take some steroids or something dude

    6. HASHlRAMA

      what muscle are we working when we do a horizontal pushing exercise?

      Now we return to, Vince del Monte, on discovery kids!

    7. marklethanarkle

      @boxinslegend hahahahaha!! come on man, don’t try and correct him when you don’t even know.

    8. gbamericasidiot

      @MasonCook28 no, you fail. he told you every thing to do, all you have to do now is go put his plan into effect. The most important piece of information he gave was to work out large muscle groups. thats what he meant when he said my arms are small and my leg are big. the bigger muscle groups burn more calories which translates into fat loss. You want fast fat loss? workout your legs, core, back and chest, but dont forget about the minor muscles

    9. Filipinoman56

      Thanks man I’m trying to get ripped and your videos really helped 5/5 stars greats videos

    10. GeorgeP97

      Vince needs to practice what he tries to preach, lose some body fat and get some definition. Oh, and lose the tight fittng top, it’s not necessary, really.

    11. aKaRushx

      @GeorgeP97 He’s actually quite a bit ‘bulkier’ now, check out his latests videos

    12. castrg

      When he says “instability” will happen if you don’t do a pulling exercise with every pushing exercise, I think he meant to say muscle imbalance not instability

    13. kerekau

      Fat loss is all about heart rate. doing compound exercises help that. because your using more muscles in da exercise. super setting doing upper body and lower body exercise is beta because blood is being shunted from eg. chest to quads

    14. somedudey0

      i go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and its for gain muscle mass, to burn fat the answer is cardio and low carbs diet, thats the key to burn that shit around the waist

    15. ravinder12

      @somedudey0 Hey would it be wise to start doing light weights with interval cardio? please let me know I’ve lost four stone doing long cardio runs but its kinda stuck at 16 stone when I started it was close to 20 my diet is mainly brown carbs (not many probably once a week) and loads of fresh salad and chicken ? what say you sir??

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