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    17 Responses to “Debate – Left Is Anti-Business? (Daily Beast’s John Avlon)”

    1. jhamm999

      @raztis1 85% of people are insured in america. most of the uninsured are illegal immigrants,young 20 somethings who think they are bullet proof. if you want to make ins more affordable get the govt out,let people shop ala carte,not have a pre packaged deal like the feds mandate now. yes ppl are dying because they have diseases. my mom died in nov. 2004 from colon cancer. she was insured to the hilt. medicare,tri care,you name it. sometimes it is just your time.

    2. raztis1

      @jhamm999 thats so not true. of EVERONE i know, MAYBE 1 out of ten have insurance. thats an unrealistic poll. go to small towns and just ask around. everyone i know, are legal citizens and they just dont make enough for insurance. they make 15-25k a year, and cant afford it. its more like 35% uninsured, and 5-10% of those r illegals. the other 25-30% are poor working class. ive NEVER been able to afford ins. ive suffered. i have infections in my body, and they just give me amoxicilin but the.con

    3. raztis1

      @jhamm999 they know i need a cat scan, and surgery to fix the problem, an easy fix. but because i dont have ins. they wont give me the CT scan unless i come up with 2500$ to pay for it. so i suffer, now this bill has given me a card, and i have sceduled a CT. my father didnt haveany ins either and couldnt work, they said he would have to have 4000$ of tests to find out if he was really disabled, he couldnt afford it. hes just recently got a card, because he is 65 now, an now hes getting help.

    4. raztis1

      @jhamm999 i think we should do that too. the fact is, we NEED to help these people. we dont want to have to pay. but needs come before wants, and a life should come before money. i wish we had a single payer system. cause yes, u hear of wealthy ppl coming here for help, but ask any lower middle class person in the U.K or canada, and they think were crazy. i can name at least 80 ppl i know who doesnt have ins. this is bad. yes the bill has some suck in it, but it IS going to help us.

    5. jhamm999

      @raztis1 maybe everyone you know,but that is not the facts nationwide.

    6. jhamm999

      @raztis1 actually single payer is the worst. look at the u.k. now. in the last week you hear from the news that the brits are now privatizing much of their system,because central planning does not work. look at medicare. did you know that govt ins. denies treatment twice the rate of private ins.? that is not the system i want. it may work if you are young. but not when you need a major operation,then you are on a waiting list for months. look at the p.m of canada coming here for his operation.

    7. raztis1

      @jhamm999 exactly, a prime minister… of course a rich person would spend cash to fly here and get something done immediately because they dont want to wait. but the HUGE majority of middle and lower class, say they would never want our system.. u break your arm there, u go in to the e.r. they fix you up, u leave, and it costs u nothing. yes, if its an operation that can wait, your put on a list.. but it DOES get fixed, and costs u nothing.. instead of refusal or crippling debt like here

    8. jhamm999

      @raztis1 the reason it is failing is because it is grossly inefficient. and still denies claims by a 2-1 margin.

    9. lhoffman2009

      at this rate of spending, we’ll probably end up being enslaved by the people’s republic of china, just like africa falling into debt with england, thus being shipped here to pay off the debt.

    10. danielc1112

      1. Consciousness comes from material existence.(materialism, i.e. no god)
      2. Class is a relationship to the means of production.
      3. Classes are always in conflict.
      4. Change is due to the conflict between opposing forces(dialectics)

    11. soda1yes

      @danielc1112 Your boy Beck would be proud (or laughing). Once again epic right wing fail.

    12. Nethr

      @Zombie1990 Psychic damages = damage to psychics/ magic 8 balls. Believe me when I say this, they must be using at least a magic 8 ball to come up with their policies on the far right (except Ron Paul, probably the only republican I’ve seen that is actually pretty decent). When that takes damage how will they know if their ideas/talking points are any good?

      P.S : This could have been a good joke, but I’m not a comedian.

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