Panic spreads among the villagers in India’s eastern Orissa state, due to an outbreak of cholera (PRON CAH-leh-ruh). They say that they have not received adequate medical help. Five people died and dozens became ill as a cholera outbreak hit the Rayagada district of India’s eastern Orissa state. Despite the Orissa government’s claim to have effectively controlled the spread of the virus, residents of the affected areas claim that the administration has failed to provide adequate medical facilities to them. [Bimla, Tribal Villager]: (Oriya, Female) “We are facing lot of problems. Earlier, doctors were not coming to the village. If a person fell ill, we have to take him to far-off places. Now, after the cholera outbreak the doctors have come to the villages, and we are receiving treatment.” But doctors say the situation is now under control. [Prakash Kumar Rout, Doctor]: male (Hindi) “We have treated 23 patients of this village and now the situation is under control.” Cholera is a severe infection which primarily affects the small intestine. Its main symptoms include profuse watery diarrhea and vomiting caused by contaminated drinking water or infected food.