18 Responses to “Chairman Ejects Constituent At Barney Frank Town Hall”

  1. BlameRepublicans

    I don’t blame them. All these insane right wing morons showing up with bombs and machine guns. They should all be dragged out and locked up. Certainly not allowed to speak or vote. They ruled for 8 years and refuse to take responsibility for the Bush depression.

  2. oldjoe5

    Hannity rips Barney Frank for being “no stranger to shouting matches”.

    Has Hannity no self knowledge?

  3. Nathano27

    Kick Barney Frank out of the government and hope he lives on the streets for a while

  4. Stephreads

    Why is this video all cut up? Where’s the WHOLE story?

  5. innHD

    All FOXNEWS is good for is someting to watch when your wasted

  6. ccm800

    these Fox folk Greta Sean – any of them taking exception to the behavior of ANYONW is sincerely hysterical.

  7. snapplynnebaiei

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  8. rushindulen

    let’s get this straight: no one has to TRY to make the tea party look like racist loonies… I’ve seen the Tea Party’s foolishness first hand. Tom Tancredo was invited to speak at my college by the the College Republicans, and I, an open minded and objective African American male decided to go and hear what they had to say. I confirmed several things: Tea Party is generally misinformed and suspicious to people who don’t follow their small town, christian, white world view.

  9. rrhynes

    Massacockscukers unite. Please reelect Barney Frank until we can find a suitably degenerate replacement. Maybe one of the Kennedy spawn can come out the closet so you can put them in his place.

  10. bigrigbob2010

    @rushindulen right on, funny thing is they don’t even understand what real Socialism is !
    It is a sad commentary on the american educational system that people equate socialism with social programs just because they both contain the word social. big government and government control of everything like democrats want is Communism NOT socialism. they are infact opposites

  11. a211pc

    The gay clown never answers a question he just goes on the attack.. who votes for this guy ? He is in part why this country is in such economic problem ? H ehas no discipline in his personal life should we expect more in his public life ? and he is one of our leaders …unbelieveable..

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