25 Responses to “Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles.”

  1. malikrox

    “Nepotism is strictly disallowed, except for family members..” xD Beautiful

  2. Themarketvalueofpot

    414 people were to busy singing this to notice they pressed “dislike” instead of “like”

  3. CougarDraven

    Here’s hoping Pete Hoekstra runs for the Republican nomination for governor again. Hopefully Michigan won’t be stupid enough to choose Rick Snyder /twice/.

  4. Magicion88

    “The turtles are becoming doctors, we need a defense”
    – How shall we defend ourselves?
    Yeh, that’s the best part of this…

  5. TheHellsangel63

    you should build a turtle fence a a turtle fence! haha sounds so good

  6. cerphres

    I like how it starts off ridiculous and makes less sense as it goes on!

  7. SuperInsane5150

    *The more i drink the more this congress is makin’ sense!*

  8. Flawlezzful

    they should make a song Just about Turtle fence…. Id Buy that song xD

  9. BreakneckWalrus

    @darkkiller4 I think one of the newscasters have, though I can’t remember who it was. One of the women that appeared. Their children apparently love the ATTN series. 😛

  10. SesaioTonitaaj596


  11. linus19106

    The more I drink the more that this congress is making sense!

  12. DarthMufin

    search mp3 searchy for turtle fence noobs….its FREE. just like millions of other free songs on beemp3 and mp3 searchy….or just waste your money…

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