Get off at the Wrong Stop

Get off at the Wrong Stop

Do the Dip

When you do dips, make sure your elbows are in and your body is straight in order to train your triceps. If you want to focus on your chest, lean forward.

Trick your Brain

If you focus in on your dominant hand while doing bench presses, your mind will be tricked, and you’ll be able to do more of them.

Use the Upper Hand

When making steals in basketball, swipe upwards, not down. An upward notion has the element of surprise, and only requires a gentle flick of the wrist.

Warm up Right

Instead of depending on the treadmill for your pre-lifting warm up, warm up with something that targets the muscles you’ll be using in your actual work out.

Minimize Burnout

To avoid burnout, check your pulse. If your heart’s beating 10 beats over normal resting rate the day after an intense workout, your body is still recovering.