Although everyone pursues happiness not everyone claims to be happy. Why is that? Because happiness is a very subjective term where in a certain individual may claim that he is not happy but his heart is screaming of joy. It would seem then that finding real happiness is nearly impossible for some individuals. Do such people have a fear of finding true happiness or are they simply hard to please, or…?

However, for most people the definition of happiness is plain and simple – It means a healthy life with friends and loved ones and something meaningful. And, those people are healthier than those who are more serious in life. This is because by being happy, the body produces hormones that uplift the spirit and state of mind, which then results in us becoming less stressed and more productive. In addition, by being happy and smiling, we are using fewer muscles than if we are frowning, which in turn keeps us looking younger longer.

Having said that, we can say that happiness is important not only to feel contented but also to be healthy. Therefore, following the simple steps provided will be go a long way toward being healthy and happy by simple means.

1. Have A Love Life. Having a partner whom you love so much creates an everlasting joy that cannot be replaced. In addition, giving him/her simple gifts and by just being alone with him/her is really the thing that can make most people happy.
2. Make A Baby. Having children is a major decision and a lot of work, but it is joyful too. Parenting requires time, patience and effort, but caring for children and watching them grow is probably the most meaningful experience a person can have.
3. Has A Pet. Pets are loyal and loving, and as we give to them we receive much in return. Find time to play with them and stroke their body and you will see that those cute and adorable pets of yours will also love you. This is unconditional love that is extremely fulfilling.

4. Learn How To Be Contented. It is true that we need to strive harder in order to survive and to accomplish our dreams, but also we need to set boundaries and we need to be happy for every achievement that we accomplish. Learn to set goals that are achieved in steps and celebrate the success of each step that leads you to your ultimate goal. Being satisfied doesn’t mean that we need to stop dreaming once we achieve our goal. It only means that we are happy to reach that goal, but we still set a new and higher goal to be achieved in the future.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Cash flow. If you have many debts, the tendency is for you to be sad and troubled, thus a good accounting and budgeting skill is needed in order for you to be happy. If you are having troubles with handling money, then it is recommended that you avoid credit cards or you can lock them up and use only when necessary. Being financially free can also be equated to happiness and success.

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