DrPompa.com Dr. Dan Pompa demonstrate a 10 minute workout for weight loss fat burn, muscle gain, and increased human growth hormone ( HGH ) and testosterone naturally in the right direction for lean muscle. Dr. Daniel Pompa specializes in weight loss resistance, detoxification, diabetes, and nutrition. Using specific hormone optimizing diets, exercise and true cellular detoxification programs to help individuals loose significant weight that they could never loose ( weight loss resistance ). This can all be done in ten ( 10 ) to twelve ( 12 ) minute workout or work out ( workout ). This video was recorded at the Oxford Athletic Club in Wexford, PA. North of Pittsburgh and South of Cranberry 15090. For more info. Call 724 -940 -7733

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    25 Responses to “10 Minute Workout for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, & Muscle Gain Dr. Dan Pompa”

    1. carmellac2000

      i can kick her butt!….lol
      how long will it take to drop pounds using this method?

    2. Lovelyczech

      Hey, I think I need some tips. I was always very active person. But than i start school and than work and i stoped work out etc. How do I start and with what, from the beginning. Not to harm my muscles? pls help thnx

    3. dontdropthatshit

      I really like your video. It is very informative. I am currently giving burst training a try. I am going for 4 days a week with the rest that you insisted. I am use to working out for 2 hours so I am hoping to get results from this since I am at a deadend in losing weight. I would say I am at 10% body fat

    4. wegaengine1

      Dr. pompa, i hope you will reply to my question. What I have been doing for 3 weeks is i jog in place in my room for 20 minutes, sometimes twice a day. What i do is, i jog slowly for the first 5 minutes, Jog strenuously for the second 5 minutes, rest for 1 minute, and slow jog again for the 11th to the 16th minute, and fast jog again from 16th to 21th minute. Is this a good work out? im 190 LBS and 5’4 btw. Overweight. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much

    5. roux2k11

      So if i do this exercise now and run 4 times 40 sec. and rest so i can’t do it next day? or is it better that i do it tomorrow too?

    6. DrainDeclogger

      Would it be worthwhile of instead of going every other day, what about, say starting on a Monday morning, then do Tuesday afternoon, rest weds, go thurs morning, then friday afternoon, then skip saturday, go sunday morning, and start the cycle all over again? Would that be helpful in fat burning, hinder it, or just no change ? Thanks !

    7. PompaHealthSolutions

      @roux2k11 Rest is best for fat burning and weight loss…take 48 hours off.

    8. PompaHealthSolutions

      @wegaengine1 It is best to do bursts that fatigue the muscle. I have to other videos that explain the science on my channel. One talks about the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise for fat burn and muscle gain. Also have another video on the science of resistive training.

    9. PompaHealthSolutions

      @dontdropthatshit Hod did it go for you….a product that works for accelerating up fat burning at the hormonal level is called MetaboRev by CytoHealth non stimulant works amazing.

    10. PompaHealthSolutions

      @Lovelyczech Diet is the first key to healthy weight loss. Our cellular healing diet is the best diet for weight loss. No grains and/or sugars but that is what allows your hormone receptors to heal and restore fat burning and destroy those cravings. Watch my videos on aerobic versus anaerobic training.

    11. PompaHealthSolutions

      @carmellac2000 One month she lost significant fat in legs her most stubborn area.

    12. PompaHealthSolutions

      @tisucitisin1 If you are kickboxing right after on those days it should be fine. Integrate in some resitive training in your bursting like I demonstrate in other videos. Also MetaboRev and ATP R3 by CytoHealth is a safe way to lean up

    13. PompaHealthSolutions

      @nooralsalam YEs great results in the stubborn areas she struggled to lose the fat. Her legs really leaned up. Also MetaboRev by CytoHealth help her lean up as well.

    14. PompaHealthSolutions

      @georgius141 Diet is key my cellular healing diet would help you along with some resistive training that I demonstrate in other videos.

    15. PompaHealthSolutions

      @BoiseState71 Yes I prefer the elliptical machine

    16. PompaHealthSolutions

      @zekeg be sure to eat enough protien a good calculator is on CytoHealth (dot) com under tools. Cutting out all grains will manipulate your Leptin hormone and really lean you out.

    17. PompaHealthSolutions

      @TheMattbiker NO, not everyday, you need the 24 or 48 hours to burn the fat.

    18. PompaHealthSolutions

      @dzalgeriano Yes and use some restive training as your burst. My wife also used MetaboRev to get lean as a support and ATP R3 for pre and post workouts.

    19. AsNiDmY86

      @PompaHealthSolutions I’m doing this burst training after my weights training every monday wednesdays and fridays. But i change it up to make it more fun, so sometimes i do burst training on the threadmill, sometimes on the stationary bike and sometimes on the rowing machine as well. Its really a hell of a workout !! Thanks so much, i really enjoy doing burst training.
      I wanna know how will this affect my endurance though. As i have to maintain a high level of endurance for dragonboat racing =)

    20. captaintacoguy

      So would I be able to lose a pound a day by doing this. Also if I can’t do this everyday can i do strength training everyday?

    21. wyciskTV

      Can I do burst training with kettlebells? I’m dying after 1 minute workout with my 32kg beast and my heart rate reaches maximum. I think it’s a good burst training, am I right?

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