Although most of us tend to think of yoga as an adult activity, it is also very beneficial for children. In many larger cities it is easy to find classes that offer yoga for kids. If you don’t have local classes, you can teach your child at home from one of the many DVDs or online videos that are available.

Kids get the same benefits from yoga that adults do. It is an activity that nurtures the mind, body and spirit. Even young kids today suffer from stress and burn out. Kids are under a lot of pressure to excel in school and participate in sports and other extra curricular activities. Yoga for kids teaches them how to de-stress and relax, not just during the yoga class, but also when needed during the course of daily life.

Even very young children benefit from yoga. Yoga exercises help them develop body awareness, coordination, and flexibility. What’s more kids of all ages seem to really enjoy learning about yoga and practicing the poses. It’s a healthy habit that when fostered at an early age will reward kids with improved flexibility and stress reduction throughout their lives as they continue to practice and learn advanced techniques.

When it comes to yoga for kids, some poses are better suited than others. An easy one for kids to pick up that they can use anywhere at anytime is the Five Breath Fist. To do this, the child should sit comfortably and make a fist with one hand. While inhaling, the child extends his fingers to a count of five and then exhale while curling his fingers back to a slow count of five. Concentrating on the breath is a core principal of yoga and will help calm kids and get them ready to focus.

The Tree Pose is fun for kids too. Kids can pretend they are a tree in the forest while doing this pose so they can engage their imaginations. This pose helps kids develop a sense of balance. To do it, the child balances himself on one foot and rests his other foot against his knee. The leg he is standing on is like the trunk of a great tree rooted deep in the earth. He can slowly move his arms about to imitate the movement of tree limbs gently blowing in the wind.

Yoga for kids should be fun and engaging. Kids shouldn’t feel pressured to do the poses perfectly, rather they should feel supported throughout the learning process so they have fun. Approached with the right attitude, yoga for kids can grow into a lifelong love of the art and provide them with a host of benefits to mind, body, and spirit.

 A Fun Way For Kids To Develop Coordination And Flexibility

Yoga For Kids

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