15 Responses to “Weight Loss Workout | Circuit Training”

  1. BananaHurricane

    Good video. I tried a plank for 30 seconds and wow, it felt like I had done 20 situps. Good stuff.

  2. th4igotta

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  3. BananaHurricane

    You must be too, if you’re watching a fat loss workout video.

  4. ayematetisryan

    Hey man, if this is the case, you should try to do the sit ups slightly slower and make sure you get your chest to be at least 2 inches away from your knees, or do crunches. Crunches will work your stomach more.

  5. pinkviolinbby

    1.-copy and paste
    2.-pastge it on two more videos
    3..hold your breath for 10 seconds
    4.-look at your hand

  6. hotnfithoney

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  7. darryllobo14

    @RNGNSTR3 hey same here, I heard that 6-abs are mostly gained through the kitchen so watch your diet

  8. JasonTylerBeck

    all the people watching, this, this is a GREAT circuit workout, this guy knows his stuff to burn the fat,

  9. MrRapidweightloss

    good video, and great for a 6 pack, please visit my channel and 31dayfatlosscure(dot)co(dot)uk

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