There are various types of yoga to consider when planning on practicing it. All of them help your mind and body in some way. Are you wondering which type is right for you? Read on to find out a description of some of the common types…

Hatha is a gentle, slow-paced yoga. It is a great introduction into yoga postures (asanas) for the beginner. This includes a lot of focus on breathing too. Good one to use in the evening before bed.

Anusara is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It was developed by John Friend in 1997. The classes for this yoga are very upbeat.

Bikram is a type of hot yoga done in room heated to about 95 degrees to 100-degrees Fahrenheit. It is more vigorously done than some other forms of yoga. The warm temperatures are said to improve flexibility to cut down on the possibility of injuries.

Kripalu is a gentle form of yoga that is very introspective. It encourages the participants to hold postures for the purpose of exploring and releasing spiritual and emotional blocks.

Restorative focuses on relaxation. This is the perfect yoga for quieting your mind or winding down from your work day.

Vinyasa style has movement synchronized with breathing. The poses are vigorously done with breathing to match. These postures are done in a series which is called Sun Salutations.

Iyengar is effective for physical therapy since it concentrates on alignment. There are a number of props typically used too like straps, blocks, cushions and harnesses in this one of the types of yoga.

Ashtanga is power yoga because of it being so demanding physically. This is recommended for someone who wants to sculpt their body and has been or is an athlete.

Svaroopa is very comfortable for new students. It often starts out with chair positions. This encourages transformation and healing.

Kali Ray TriYoga uses a series of dancelike, flowing movements. This also includes meditaion and breathing exercises (pranayama). It was created in 1980 by Kali Ray.

Kundalini focuses on moving the energy in the lower part of your spine and bringing in up into the other areas of the body. On top of the poses a normal session will also use meditation breathing exercises and chanting.

Integral is a tradition yoga which includes poses, meditation and breathing exercises. This also uses selfless service, prayer, self-inquiry and chanting.

Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for pregnant women and is safe for them to do. This accents the core and breathing exercises.

Viniyoga is used often for therapeutic reasons. It is great therapy for recovering from surgery or injuries. It helps people heal gently and is altered to suit each person’s needs.

Sivananda is another traditional style of yoga. It includes dietary restrictions, breathing, poses, meditations and scriptural study.

Ananda uses gentle poses that are for moving energy to your brain and to get the rest of the body ready for meditation. This one of the types of yoga also concentrates on correct alignment of the body and how to control breathing.

Types of Yoga

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