Some Facts of Yoga History

The exact beginning of yoga history is unknown. This practice is known to be over 5000 years old though. In the ruins of an ancient civilization located in the Indus Valley, was found the first evidence of yoga. It was a civilization that was influential and powerful and the people lived during the earlier part of the antique period.

Even a portrait was found of someone in a yoga position (or resembling one) and meditating. The Rigveda has descriptions of various yoga methods, and it states that is probably comes from the Saravati cultures that was around from 3000 to 5000 B.C. This means that present-day yoga has gone through many years in yoga history to become what it is now. Some experts are saying though that yoga cannot be considered a full tradition until around 500 B.C.

The oldest known type of yoga is called Vedic Yoga. It is about bringing the physical world together with the spiritual world through certain sacrifices. To do this type of yoga you must be able to focus your mind extremely well. You will have to perform rituals that are quite lengthy. But this ability to focus inward so intensely is the basis of all yoga.

Then in 100 to 200 A.C. the eight-limbed yoga was written about. This yoga is a very approachable one along with being systematic. It was described in the Sutras written by Patanjali. This is what is known as the classical yoga. These yoga sutras had around 200 words of wisdom or aphorisms. Most people serious about yoga delve into this work of writing at one time or another.

In the post-classical period of yoga history, a system was developed of various exercises involving meditation and deep breathing. This would work to make the body healthier along with the mind. A person’s body was thought to be the housing of his or her soul, instead of a worthless vessel. This was the forerunner for hatha yoga among other types.

Modern yoga reportedly began in 1893, when the Swami Vivekananda who was from India introduced yoga to an American and made a lasting impression. This was in Chicago at the Parliament of Religions. Vivekananda then toured around the USA lecturing about yoga. Yoga began to be spread by other masters of this practice.

Hatha yoga came into being in 1947 in Hollywood through a studio owned by Indra Devi who was born in Russia. She even taught it to many well-known movie stars. In 1961 this form of yoga was even presented on TV.

Now you know some of the early yoga history, it is nice to know it is still being practiced today. Millions of people participate in it regularly. Its popularity is growing evermore in numbers, because of the new awareness of taking care of one’s health. Modern-day stresses are making people search out ways to not only exercise and be in shape but also calm their nerves. Yoga is the perfect activity to do just this. Become part of its rich history today.

Some Facts of Yoga History