Create Constructive Sleep Habits

Create Constructive Sleep Habits


Six health and fitness tips and more.

Stretch that Stretch

The older you get, the longer you’ll have to stretch. This is because age renders muscle less pliable. To combat this, hold stretches for 60 seconds.

Squat for Stomach Muscle

If you’re looking to build your abs, squats and dead lifts are the key to success. Research has shown that this will strengthen those muscles by making your body work harder to maintain posture.

Keep up with Calcium

Studies have shown that consuming over 600 milligrams of calcium has a correlation with lower body fat. Make sure you consume low fat milk, though.

Strengthen your Sets

It’s important to increase the amount you’re lifting to avoid plateaus. Increase your reps, do more sets, and work on increasing the amount you lift, little by little.

Lunge those Legs

Reverse lunges will force your front leg to constantly work, leading to more tone in areas that might not have gotten work.

Support your Back

Clench your glut muscles while lifting weights above your head. This will stabilize your spine and lower risk of back injury.