Aid your RecoveryHealth and fitness tips

Mix it Up
The day after an intense workout, give your muscles a break by using light weights, 20 percent of your max capacity. Try doing 2 sets of 25 reps, and your body won’t be overstressed.

Pace Yourself
When you cycle, keep your pace between 80 and 110 rpm. This will help you go longer distances while avoiding fatigue and muscle stress.

Sequence Your Exercises
A good order for exercising is dumb bells, then barbells, then machines. Because dumb bells work smaller muscles, this order is a natural progression.

Crumple and Crush
If you’re looking to build your forearm strength, try crumpling paper. Take a sheet of newspaper, start at a corner, and using your dominant hand, crumple it completely for thirty seconds.

It’s all in the Wrist
To really work your biceps, bend your wrists while doing arm curls.

Put on a Glove
If you’re looking to improve your ball handling, try dribbling while wearing a pair of work gloves. The gloves will help your fingers gain sensitivity so your grip improves.

Do Your Goals from Z-A
Flip the way you make goals: Make an end date first, and fill in the date with short term attainable tasks. This makes your goals feel more like deadlines.