20 Responses to “Prank University – H1N1 Outbreak – Guest Samples Urine and Feces P3/3”

  1. spicymeatsandwich

    I actually began to feel bad for the guy. Its too bad the “mom” didn’t yelled PWNT or something. He’ll be in therapy for awhile. I’d rather be tortured than deal with that!

  2. DexIsTarikMalik

    lol watch this and it will totally change your mind watch?v=cHl6RwqBhGo

  3. Sidney McPoopershteyn

    I wonder if the man who ate his feces is an inbred toothless hillbilly from Alabama?


    sir what’s going on right now? ‘

    ‘Well, I’m about to eat this fucking shit’

  5. Brewzkier

    Pranknet = group of child rapists and 25 year old broke losers who live with their mothers.

  6. skulledmonte84

    whats going on right now sir,um iam about to eat this shit lllllllllllllloooooooooooooollllllllll

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