Many people have often wondered the difference between Pilates vs. yoga, and becomes some of the poses appear similar, often they have been lumped into the same category, but there is a clear difference between the two. While both have similar health benefits as far as exercising the arms, back, legs, and abdomen, many people incorporate both practices while other clearly have a preference for one over the other.


The Pilates methods have some inspiration from yoga poses, but Pilates is specifically for working out and conditioning the entire body, while yoga is a way of life where there is a clearer connection of body and mind. With Pilates, you spend your time building your core strength and working on proper posture of the spine, which helps to bring the body and mind in union, which is similar to yoga, but again, Pilates is inspired by yoga, so there are some similarities.

Pilates, like yoga uses a mat, but it also uses newer machines that can be quite expensive, whereas yoga requires no machines. Both Pilates and yoga uses mats in the practice of the exercises, but Pilates is more focused on physical condition than yoga is.


Yoga is an ancient practice dating back to the 1800’s and is based on Eastern practices whereas Pilates began with Joseph Pilates from Germany and he later brought it to New York, so while it copies many of Yoga practices, it is clearly from a different part of the world and has been more of a Western practice, though yoga is also practiced worldwide.

With yoga, the goal is to bring union between the body, mind, and spirit. The poses are physical, but the goal is not to strengthen to core as much as it is to bring about a peaceful mind and way of life. Yoga also practices using the breath that can help you increase your lung capacity. Palates is also breath-oriented, but for the sole purpose of strengthening and conditioning.

Interestingly, yoga does strengthen the core and helps to tone the body, but this is not the purpose of yoga, rather was developed as a lifestyle and not an exercise, while Pilates is clearly a form of exercise. Many people do practice both yoga and Pilates because they complement one another beautifully.

When you think about Pilates vs. yoga, think about one (Pilates) as a way of strengthening the core, while one (yoga) strengthens the relationship between body, mind, and soul and is a way of life rather than an exercise. Lastly, with yoga, there are no machines to buy, but you need a mat and some people use other props when practicing the ancient way of life. Both yoga and Pilates is an excellent way to bring your tone your body while bringing your mind and soul in perfect harmony.

Pilates vs. Yoga – What’s the Difference

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