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Stargate SG-1 F-302 Fighter-Interceptor Screen Accurate Replica

The F-302 is the culmination of Stargate Command’s effort to develop a strategic fighter/interceptor with limited (intra-system) hyperspace capabilities to challenge Goa’uld dominance of the air. Based on the successful X-302 prototype, which was itself reverse-engineered from the Goa’uld Death Glider, the F-302 is Earth’s first true production starfighter and is our first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats.
And now you can own your own F-302 screen-accurate replica, taken directly from the Stargate SG-1 CGI files.

This highly-detailed, hand-painted ship model has a wingspan of 8 inches and measures 4.5 inches from nose to engine exhaust. The F-302 comes with a 9″x6″ diorama modeled after the flight deck on Earth’s first deep-space battleship, the Prometheus. When mounted on it’s stand (the fighter can be removed), the F-302 is displayed on the verge of take off from the flight deck, with gears down (but just starting to retract) and hovering over the deck.

Complete with standard armaments, the F-302 comes with four wing-mounted missiles and two nose-mounted rail guns. The two-man cockpit is visible through the clear canopy and all regulation markings are in place, including warning placards measuring less than 2/16 of an inch.

The Stargate SG-1 F-302 Strategic Fighter/Interceptor is QMx’s premier mid-scale replica.