Track Your Progress

Eight health and fitness tips 

Stick to your Weights

Choose a weight to use throughout your session, and stick to it. Choose a weight you can only handle 6-8 times and practice your moves in a circuit.

Bike Uphill Better
Scoot to the middle of your saddle and lean forward while biking uphill. Be careful not to lean too far forward, or you’ll lose traction in the back.

Avoid Tendinitis
When you do upright rows, use a shoulder width grip. This will help prevent tendinitis and bursitis.

Flex Like a Pro
Concentrate on flexing your tighter muscles; working on your problem areas will reduce their issues.

Squeeze with Ease
When you bench press, squeeze the bar inward. More muscles will be worked, in the chest area.

Start Small
If you’re a major couch potato who doesn’t exercise at all, start by incorporating two 20 minute sessions into your weekly schedule. Doing more than that in the beginning may discourage you from continuing.

Back to ComfortEvery time you exercise your abs, make sure you do some lower back exercises. Otherwise you may experience pain, or poor posture.

If you’re obese, diet
If you have many pounds to lose, it’s important to pair exercise with healthy eating habits.