It should not be so difficult to lose weight, but it is. Not only do you have to exercise and watch what you eat, but you also have to try to figure out which fat loss tips are true, and which ones aren’t. If you follow tips that are incorrect then you won’t lose weight, and you may even gain weight because of it.

Then there are fad diets which only lead people to regain any weight they lost, if they lost any at all. It can sometimes seem as though everybody is conspiring against your efforts to lose weight. The following information about bogus weight loss tips will help you to get on track and shed some extra pounds for good.

1. Starve yourself. This is one of those tips that sort of makes sense. If you can lose weight by reducing calories, then you should be able to lose a lot of weight by eliminating a lot of calories, right? Not really. The problem is that if you reduce your calories too much your body will work harder to store them as fat, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. Furthermore, you will be so hungry that you run the risk of giving in and binging, which will also lead to weight gain. A much better way is to eat a reasonable amount of food, but not to the point of starvation.

2. Eat three square meals a day. Get your day started with a big breakfast, then wait six hours to eat a light lunch, and then wait six more hours to eat a big dinner; at least that used to be conventional wisdom. You should absolutely eat breakfast, but you shouldn’t wait so long to eat lunch and dinner. If you eat five to six smaller meals instead, then you won’t get too hungry between meals, and you will also boost your metabolism.

3. Diet soda is the ideal weight loss beverage. If you drink diet soda to because it doesn’t have any calories, then you may be surprised to learn that recent studies point out that such beverages may cause people to gain weight. In other words, the very beverage you think is helping you to lose weight could actually be causing you to gain it.

4. You don’t really have to exercise. While we are talking about bogus fat loss tips, it’s only fair to mention that it is technically possible to lose weight without exercising. Does that mean you don’t have to engage in any physical activity? Not at all! Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand and your level of activity is a very good indicator of how successful your weight loss will be in both the short and long term.

These fat loss tips are only the start, you still need to find a good weight loss plan to follow. However, you must take action. Even a small step in the right direction will pay off.

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“Cocoa-Nut” Bananas


Courtesy of Eating Well


4 teaspoons of organic cocoa powder
4 teaspoons of toasted, unsweetened coconut
2 small bananas, sliced on the bias
Place cocoa and coconut on separate plates. Roll each banana slice in the cocoa, and shake off the excess. Then, dip banana in the coconut. Read more:

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Healthy Exercise and  Procrastinators Die Early

When you are trying to stay healthy, exercise should be a key part of your daily routine. Too many people are procrastinators and think that they will get in shape tomorrow. It is just that tomorrow never comes and let me tell you that every day you let go by your body deteriorates just that much more and then the longer it will take to get in shape. If you do not believe me go ask your doctor, he will tell you the same thing.

So, your best bet is to start today. Just get off your behind and go for a walk or get on your bike and take a ride. You do not have to go far and actually you probably will not be able to go too far on your first attempt. You will see that you are in dire need of daily exercise by how your body feels when you are done with your walk or bike ride. You may even have some sore leg muscles the next day. Do not let this deter you, let it inspire you and motivate you to keep going and get in shape.

See, I believe that getting and staying in shape using healthy exercise is as much or more a mental game as it is a physical one. You have to have the right mindset. Just like trying to make any lasting changes in your life, if your head is not in it then it just will not work. You need to change the way you think to be able to change the way you live. Do not let life pass you by any longer, get up and get going.

If you can’t bring yourself to get on that treadmill or any other type of exercise equipment because you think there is nothing to hold your attention and you get too bored then find something you like to do and go do it. How about shooting some baskets with your friends a couple of times a week or go buy yourself a cheapie tennis racket and go hit some balls across the net at the high school tennis courts on the weekend.

All you have to do is get moving and stay moving. Get out and play hide and seek with your kids or any other game they come up with. Teach them some of the games you played when you were a kid. I remember when I was young we were almost never inside for more than the time it took to eat dinner and then we were right back outside until dark. Even in the winter we were outside all the time making snow angels, building snowmen, or building a snow fort and having snowball fights.

Being a kid was fun because there were six of us in the house and there was always someone to do something with at any given time. We did not have to think about getting in shape because we already were and unlike kids today we probably only spent an hour in the house during the day. Getting healthy exercise was not a problem when we were kids.

Heart Healthy Exercise and Is A Great Combo

Heart healthy exercise is no different than any other exercise. Any exercise can help make your heart stronger, your lungs able to function better and your muscles able to burn fat better. Many people make the time to go to a gym to get their work outs in each day but what if you can’t find the time or have the money to join a gym?

If you can’t find the time or have the money to join a gym you can always do things at home to improve your heart health. They say that walking is the best thing you can do for your heart healthy exercise. Get out and walk at least thirty minutes a day, work up to thirty minutes if you have to but don’t over do it. If you hurt yourself you will only set yourself back further. Ask a friend to go with you if you need company. Exercising with someone will keep you motivated and increase the chance you will stick to your program.

Try to carve out an extra thirty minutes to one hour of your day and devote that time to exercising. Even if you have to start your day one hour earlier and use that time to get your exercise in. Do not worry that you are shorting yourself some sleep because if you are getting in shape your body will need less sleep than it does now. Studies have shown that the better shape you are in the less sleep your body needs because your body is using what you give it a lot more efficiently.

If you can’t bring yourself to part with your precious sleep then why not go for a walk on your lunch hour at work. Or, research exercises that can be done at your desk when it is break time. There are several that have been developed for people who can’t find any other time to exercise. The trick is to just keep moving, doing something, no matter how little or how much, is the key to getting in shape and making your body and heart stronger.

When walking has made you stronger you may want to up the ante some and try out a work out DVD in your living room. Do not be bashful, if you are worried that someone will see you and laugh at you because you can’t keep up just draw the blinds and do your best to learn the routine on the DVD. Then you can be the one laughing because you have gotten in shape and lost the weight and the ones who laughed are still out of shape and fat.

If you do not want to buy a work out DVD then go to your local video store and rent one. Rent several until you find one you like and then buy it. Get yourself a good mp3 player and download some awesome work out music to listen to during your work outs. Music is a great motivator and can make your heart healthy exercise a whole lot more interesting.

 Healthy Exercise Habits

Did you know it’s never too late to make changes and incorporate healthy exercise habits into your daily routine, the sooner you start the sooner you will have the body you’ve always wanted. Most of us are motivated by our appearance more than ‘just’ getting in shape. Of course, that isn’t so true if you have had some health problems in the past, but under normal circumstances we want to look good for our spouse, or just fit into that cool pair of jeans you just saw.

Whatever your motivation may be, the number one thing you can do to make it work for you is to find something that you enjoy enough (or at least don’t hate) to stick with it for a period of time. You won’t get in great shape in just a week or two and maintaining your good health will mean that you have to make permanent lifestyle changes. Some people may freak out at the word ‘permanent’ but remember, you are doing some sort of exercise that you actually like doing so doing if from now on won’t be a big challenge.

Healthy exercise, The Positively Fit Studio

Healthy exercise, The Positively Fit Studio—bepositivelyfit (

So, where do you start? How do you go about creating healthy exercisehabits? Well, a good place to start is to make an appointment with your doctor. Make sure that you’re in good enough shape to start working out. Even if you have some health issues, working out can do you a lot of good, but you may have to modify your workout to accommodate your underlying health problems. So a talk with your doctor is always a good idea.

Next, you want to figure out just what type of workout you should start with. Only you can really answer that since you want to pick something that you think you would like to do. It’s important to think outside of the box. Don’t get in the rut of thinking that you have to do your 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill and than lift some weights. There is nothing wrong with that workout but there are a lot of other things you can do too.

No matter what type of workout you start with it’s important for you to remember that your body will get used to whatever you do on a regular basis. So you if you are doing one type of workout for a month it may be time to ‘mix it up’ and try something new. That will allow your body to be ‘surprised’ and you can get great results if you do that on a regular basis.

Just remember, if you want to incorporate healthy exercise habits into your life, you have a ton of options from which to choose. The two most important things to keep in mind is that you need to find something you enjoy and you need to get your head around the idea that this is a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. The better your attitude when you go in, the more you’ll get out of it.

Healthy Exercise Routines

Looking to kickstart your weight loss by finding some healthy exercise routines? If so, then a good first step would be to figure out what types of things you like to do and then turn them into an exercise routine.

You can also find pre made exercise programs such as going to a gym and signing up for a workout class. You can also hire a fitness professional to create a specific workout program for you. In a lot of ways this is an excellent way to go since a personalized workout can take any limitations you may have into consideration.

For example, I have a friend who has bad knees. For years she tried to get in shape by using home videos or some other workout programs that she came up with. She never had success because she wasn’t sure how to modify the workouts to accommodate her sore knees.

When she finally found a fitness professional who could show her how to modify the moves so she wouldn’t hurt her knees and get a great workout she finally started to get excited. Once she found the energy and excitement it didn’t take long for her to lose that excess weight. So find healthy exercise routines that will get your heart pounding, both literally and figuratively.

Of course, if you have some underlying health issues you’ll need to talk to your doctor first. She can not only let you know how much you should do, and what things you should avoid, she can also, in many cases, tell you how you need to modify your workout to accommodate your health issues.

It doesn’t matter if you feel more comfortable going to a gym or if you prefer to workout at home. It also doesn’t matter if you prefer to use a workout DVD or a weight training machine. Of course, to really get the most out of your workouts you’ll want to combine a weight training exercise routine along with some type of cardio workout.

When doing a weight training exercise routine it’s very important to do it right. What do I mean by that? I mean that you don’t want to do each repetition too fast. If you do that you will be greatly diminishing the effects of the exercise since momentum will be helping you out. Do each move slowly and with good form to really get the most out of your workout.

Cardio is often overrated. If you spend 30 minutes on the treadmill day in and day out, your body will get used to that level of exertion and your results will be minimized …a lot. Instead, mix it up. Try different things all the time. That will keep your muscles confused which will really give you a great result.

Get yourself in shape by finding healthy exercise routines to follow. There are a lot of options available to you, just find the best one for you. And do not get stuck in a rut you can, and should, do different things on a regular basis. Doing so will really help you get great results and it will also keep things interesting for you so you’ll be more likely to hang in there for the long term.

Healthy Exercise Programs and Keep Your Body Guessing

There are enough healthy exercise programs for virtually any person who wants to get in shape. No matter how much weight you want to lose, you can find a program to help you accomplish your goals. With so many options you may be wondering how to go about finding the one that’s best for you. Most people will get the best results when they find a program that is something they already enjoy doing.

So, if you enjoy going to the beach, just include a nice long walk along the beach and get the exercise you need. Or you could jump in and go for a swim. No matter which way you go it will help you get the most out of your beach time, enjoy the beach and get some exercise too.

Many people who are overweight and need to get in shape are often intimidated to go to a gym, so for those people getting a video and some home exercise equipment may be the best healthy exercise programs to start.

When it comes to finding a home workout video or DVD, the options are practically unlimited. Just find one that appeals to you. If you like to dance there are probably hundreds of videos that cater to people who enjoy some type of dancing. You can find hip hop workouts, reggae workouts, line dance workouts and even pole dancing workouts. Like I said, the options are limitless.

If you are more in to the martial arts or self defense type of a workout, the same rules apply, you will have a lot of options. It’s really just a matter of going online or to your local department store. If you’re not sure about buying one until you’ve tried it and you’re sure you like it, than in many cases you can rent one at a local video store. Some times you may even be able to find a library where you can rent a workout video.

Healthy exercise, Exercise calisthenics 2

Healthy exercise, Exercise calisthenics 2—Ed Yourdon (

Once you have found one that you like, you may want to buy it so you can keep it as long as you want it. Although it can be a nice idea to have several workouts so you can alternate them to maximize your results by keeping your body guessing.

I’ve been heavy and I’ve been a ‘hard body’. One thing I’ve found out over the years is that when you have a workout that you actually find fun or at least invigorating, you’re much more likely to stay with it over the long term… and that is the secret to success. It’s not about finding a ‘quick fix’ it’s about finding something that you will enjoy doing for a long time to come.

To achieve your weight loss and fitness goals you will do much better if you pinpoint those things that you love to do and then try to find healthy exercise programs that fit into those passions. I don’t mean to oversimplify, but that really is the best way to make the permanent lifestyle changes that you need to make to get in, and stay in, shape.

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21. Eat slower.

When you eat fast, the tendency is that, you would be able to consume more foods than you really need. Thus, it is best to eat at a slower rate. When you do this, you would actually feel that you are already full, when you have not been able to consume a whole plate of food yet. This is because, it usually takes a certain period of time, for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that it already has enough food in it.

22. Don’t skip breakfast.

Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Because of that, you should not skip it. Skipping breakfast is one of the best ways to become overweight. This is because, it can encourage binge eating for the reason that you would already feel too hungry when lunch time comes. Aside from that, it can also lower down your metabolism.

Diet tips, Prevent Yo-Yo Dieting 23. Don’t drink a lot of water or other drinks with a meal.

Drinking liquids with a meal can actually make you feel bloated. When you get used to it, you may let your stomach be able to adjust to it, which can result to binge eating. Thus, it is best to minimize your liquid intake during meal times. Drinking a glass of water should be done, only after 10 to 15 minutes of eating.

24. Chew your foods properly.

When you eat, it is best that you chew your foods thoroughly. This can ensure proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients in your body. Aside from that, it can also make you eat slower than usual, which is a good thing. Chew your foods as much as you can, to achieve your goals soon.

25. Eating prior to going to bed.

If it is your usual practice to eat before going to bed, you should make sure that you do it 3 hours before. This is because, when you sleep, your body would actually have a slower metabolic rate. In other words, if you eat lots of foods just before you sleep, then your body would be able to accumulate lots of excess nutrients from it, and convert it to stored fats.

26. Clear your cupboard of unhealthy foods.

When you see chips and other unhealthy foods that you like, you will be tempted to eat them. Thus, it is best if you won’t see them at all. With that, it is time that you clear your cupboard of these unhealthy food items. Aside from that, you should replace them with foods that are recommended in your diet.

27. Having protein drinks.

If you like having protein drinks in order to provide your body with adequate amounts of protein, you should carefully select it. Choose those that contain whey protein instead of soy protein. This is because whey protein is easier for your body to absorb. Aside from that, it is also a healthier source of protein.

28. Eat more spicy foods.

There is a good reason why one would start to perspire when he eats spicy foods. Spicy foods can actually boost up your metabolism. In other words, it can help your body in burning more fats and calories to reduce weight. Thus, it is best if you add more pepper into some of your recipes, so that you can make them taste better, aside from helping you lose weight.

29. Eating fruits and vegetables.

Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the best things to do to lose weight since they are filled with vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes. However, it is best if you consume them in their raw form. This is because processing or cooking them would kill the essential nutrients and enzymes.

30. Purchase healthier snack items.

There may be times when you want to munch on something, especially when you are not doing anything. To ensure that it won’t make you gain more weight, you should purchase and stock healthier snack items like yogurt, nuts, fruits, and such. By doing that, you are assured that you won’t be providing you body with unnecessary calories when you eat your snacks.

Diet tips lose weight fast


Winter is a fun time of year. The landscape is covered in white, you have plenty of holidays to spend with loved ones, it generally is a good time of year. But it also has it’s downsides. Winter is also the time of year when the flu runs rampant and everyone seems to be getting sick. Getting the flu is something nobody wants, we would all much rather avoid it if we can.

So since the best way of dealing with the flu is to simply not get the flu, you want to Fight flu germs before they get in and cause you harm. There are some tips that can help you do just that and kick the flu to the curb before it lays you up in bed.

Fight Flu Germs

Winter Season Down Fall & Fight Flu Germs

1. Get plenty of exercise. Exercise is a great way of keeping your body healthy. A healthy body also means a healthy immune system, and the stronger your immune system is, the better chance it has at fending off any pesky invaders like the flu. So keeping it in running order is important.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. While getting exercise is important, your body needs the proper fuel as well. Your body is a machine like any other, it needs proper care and fuel to run, fruits and vegetables have needed vitamins and minerals to keep your body and your immune system running.

3. Get plenty of rest. One of the best ways to Fight flu germs is to simply make sure you get plenty of rest. It can be difficult in a hectic life, especially during the flu season when there just seems to be so much you need to do. But you should try to ensure you get plenty of sleep so your body is well rested and able to fight off invaders.

4. Keep your hands clean. In your daily life you touch quite a few things, from objects to people. This allows you to pick up all sorts of nasty germs just waiting to do your body harm. Pretty much all of these will be dealt with by your immune system, but if your immune system is busy fighting other germs, flu germs may slip past your defenses and start mucking things up. So keeping your hands clean limits the amount of germs you are taking in, allowing your anti-bodies to focus on the real threat.

5. Get a flu shot. The ultimate way to Fight flu germs is to simply get a vaccine. Vaccines work by introducing an inert virus into your body, allowing your immune system to kill it and learn what exactly it is. Once your immune system learns what it is, it can make anti-bodies designed specifically to target and kill that virus, meaning when a flu germ gets inside you, your immune system can react much quicker in destroying it.

If you take preventative measures and keep yourself safe and healthy, the flu should not be much more than a minor inconvenience, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season to it’s fullest.

If you are not feeling well due to the cold or the flu, you will obviously want to do whatever you can to speed up recovery and get back on with your life. A lot of people turn to drugs or just try to wait it out, but what many people do not know is that there are a lot of all natural remedies you can use. Many of which are common in most house holds.

Chicken Soup And The Flu


1. Chicken Soup. Chicken Soup and the flu have always gone hand in hand. While the science behind whether or not chicken soup really helps cure ailments may be a bit iffy, the fact of the matter is that it just makes you feel good. A nice bowl of warm soup has been known to help diminish the symptoms of the cold or flu and make people feel better for a long time. One of the possible reasons being the ginger found in the soup.

2. Ginger. Carrying off there, ginger is a great medicinal herb that has been used by asian nations for centuries. It can have a very soothing effect on the human body, able to diminish or outright cure symptoms such as an upset stomach. A cup of warm ginger tea is the perfect home remedy for a sore throat as well. If you are suffering from the cold, or the flu especially, make sure to get yourself some ginger as it really can make quite a difference.

3. Honey. Like Chicken Soup and the flu, honey and the flu can go together quite well. Honey is a known anti-viral that will help your immune system fight off the flu virus. It can also sooth your sore throat and act as a natural cough syrup. Not only that, but honey contains properties that can help boost your immune system, further aiding it in it’s fight against the virus.

4. Oranges. Oranges are a great and tasty way to boost your immune system. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which is known to strengthen your immune system. If you regularly take in Vitamin C every several hours, it can help alleviate your flu symptoms. They can also be used to prevent the flu all together by keeping your immune system strong.

5. Kiwi. Kiwi’s are similar to oranges in that they have a high Vitamin C content, so for those out there who do not like oranges, this can serve as a good alternative. Kiwi’s can also work to help alleviate upper respiratory issues that are so common with the cold and the flu.

6. Water. Water is right up there with Chicken Soup and the flu. Both of them are treatments everybody knows and uses. When you are sick your body is fighting off the virus as best it can, and you need to support it. However another reason you need to drink plenty of water is because you actually expel a lot of fluids when you have the flu. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause you to lose a lot of water which can dehydrate you. So drinking plenty of water can counter this.