A walk through a grocery store with nutrition, health tips, a guide to which foods will 1. Stop Wrinkles 2. Fight Cancer 3. Heal joint pain 4. Fight arthritis 5. Combat heard disease 5. Lower Cholesterol 6. Improve memory 7. Increase energy 8. Prevent cold and flu 9. Cancer fighting salad. (The salad must be of organic and fresh vegetables and fruits, washed and made fresh and consumed the day made. If you will prepare this with care, and eat it regularly, it combines antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, that all have cancer fighting traits. We believe it can help your heart health, increase energy, and help the repair of joint pain, as well as reduce wrinkles) Our culture is filled with unhealthy toxins and environmental pollutants that are trying to kill us daily. Healthy, clean foods from mother nature are a way to be healthier. While we cannot assure a total cure of any disease, we can assure you that medical science assures us that with better diets our mortality and lives can be longer and healthier. A good diet must be combined with a focused, peaceful and happy attitude, one of hope a “centered” approach to life and mortality. With clean water, clean air, some exercise, an ethical foundation, and a loving support system, the mind can do wonders in helping the body fight off the “death arrows” of this world. Our healthy food suggestions are a beginning and a solid first step to your health, or a good foundation to assure that you are not crippled with illness. Healthy

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