Interviewers, sportscasters, and vice presidents alike break into song to report important news. The players include my homey Sarah Fullen Gregory (she married my brother). You can find her music here: Newt Gingrich (on nuclear disarmament) Robert Gates (on cutting the Pentagon budget) Jim Nantz (on March Madness) Joe Biden (on the economic situation) Wayne Ellington (on how it feels to win) Lyrics: MG: Mr. Gingrich, what do you think about Obama wanting to cut down on nuclear weapons? In the key of C. And…go! NG: Uh, I just think that it’s very dangerous to have a fantasy foreign policy And it can get you in enormous trouble MG: What’s wrong with fantasy? I like fantasy and I live in the sea RG: We must rebalance this department’s programs In order to institutionalize and finance our capabilities SG: Yeah, forget about the jets; Use our super soakers, get al quaeda wet JN: Tar Heels: rolling on to Monday night Another convincing Carolina victory SG: Ooh, that’s cool, but it ain’t time to pop the hennessy JN: Michigan State: heading to the national championship game Your team responded late here, coach, how did you do it? MG: Three words: Vi ag ra. JB: There will continue to be job losses The remainder of this year The question is will they continually go down Before they begin to rebound Before they begin to rebound Will they go do-do-do-down Before they begin to rebound And now it’s my pleasure to present the 2009 National Championship

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    19 Responses to “Auto-Tune the News #1: march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts.”

    1. missingt00th

      @Jimmyd12345 Trolling is freedom and democracy. Crawl under a rock you totlitarian cunt. If you don’t like trolling, go to China. They don’t troll there. They also don’t have much freedom.

    2. missingt00th

      I’ll repeat it for you ‘tards: this video sucks ass and is aimed at early teens. If you are an adult and you like this shit, shame on you. That would just prove how american culture keeps its citizens in an infantilized state of submission. But obviously you’d disagree, since you enjoy crappy culture.

    3. projectk1id

      @missingt00th Chill out man. It’s just a video.

    4. teorima1025

      This melody has a really sad feeling somehow, I like it. Can you guys upload all the beats and stuff you use somewhere?

    5. MmaLegend420

      @missingt00th No need to read into its funny because there are rappers that use this auto tune shit, and they are exploiting the fact that you can auto tune anything and it will be relatively funny. Go watch some vampire diaries bud and dont bag on shit people can smile to, cuz that just makes you a hater and we have too many of those already.

    6. SexyGamerGirl22

      i dunno, their editing skills are not that good, really. they could make it look more realistic and as though they were truly there. i dunno…i am indifferent to their videos because of this…

    7. Sk8ter6718

      @missingt00th Well,the 2nd highest rated comment is right. is right.You are so mad.You’ve made a war against you.Like,7 to 1.Can you win?I think not.Go to hell,you son of a beach.

    8. InterenetKatharyn

      Thumbs up if you saw the spongebob pants

    9. MosleyFML

      They definitely did NOT use a Super Soaker on Osama.

    10. MmaLegend420

      @missingt00th My American freedom is what I make it tardo your saying that the mass media puts it into my head what to find funny or not, well Im telling you that thats my decision to make. Im actually well educated enough to know whats funny or not, I dont tune into fox and let them brainwash me from the right nor do I turn to msnbc and let them brainwash me from the left. Im smart enough to know what is or what is not an illusion. Go preach your hate elsewhere your nothing but a fascist.

    11. MmaLegend420

      @HockeyPunk911 I think he just watched a 24 hour marathon on adolf hitler and benito mussolini, now he thinks everything is propoganda and everyone is out to get him. The poor ignorant imbecile.

    12. missingt00th

      @MmaLegend420 Therein lies the problem: you think (somehow) that MSNBC stands for the left. WTF is that? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard, and says a lot about your “education.” You obviously don’t have one, or your played hooky during poli-sci classes. And besides, WTF does “tardo your saying” mean. Jesus, revisit grade 3 english please.

    13. MmaLegend420

      @missingt00th You complete buffoon, first of all thats not what your original argument was about, it seems that your just probing every little thing that comes to your puny little brain and make an argument from it, your original argument was that the media controls what is or what is not funny. 2nd if you dont know that certain stations have reputations like msnbc being pretty conservative then you need to learn a few things about politics and not just blab your heresy wherever u think is good

    14. xXInfInItyMoDzXx

      time to rebound and watch this one m0:00r time

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